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5 Top Visual Merchandising Trends of 2017

Visual MerchandisingRetail merchandising is a broader marketing spectrum for retail business owners where they use visual merchandising methods of marketing to create brand awareness and to market their products. Visual merchandising is also very crucial stay ahead of the competitors as retail world is a highly competitive field. According to a study conducted in 2015, somewhere near 82% of United States business leaders said that customer’s expectations rose from 35% to 47% in the period of 3 years. To keep pace with ever-changing business needs retailers need to have a look at these latest trends to boost their overall merchandising approach.


Whether it is a small shop or a large fashion outlet, lighting is always a very crucial aspect of its overall appearance. The recent technologies such as tunable white lighting and LED’s have even raised its importance above the fold. Both these techs of advanced nature have made it very easy for brands to enhance the customer experience. Taking an example, a store can use while light to highlight different areas of greater value in the store. One can also highlight different products to differentiate them from other and even promote them.

LED’s are also very commonly used in retail stores to highlight different details of some special products. Having a flexible shape, it can serve in many different ways that could be productive for your store. Hence lighting no matter of which type is very crucial for both inner and outer displays.

Digital Engagement:

Many of the brands have already started to integrate tech into their marketing strategies. One simple example is beacon-enabled manikins being used in many different stores of New York. The technology can provide ease to both the seller and buyer. Graphics, video displays, flat screen displays, and video walls are some of the gadgets retailers are using in their stores.

Tablets and other handheld devices are also making their way into retail tech. Smart manikins, however, are on the top of most used technical gadgets. It is a simple mannequin with Bluetooth connector when a person having stores application installed came in the radius, the mannequin automatically starts sending notifications to the user’s smartphone.

Inner Display:

As the outer display of the store is important, so is the inner display. Your storefront, if decorated in the right way compels the buyer to visit the store while the inner display should be decorated with intent to persuade the visitor to become the buyer. There are many different techniques that need to be incorporate in your inner displays to boost sales and buyer experience.

Point of sale system is one most successful inner display strategy that can bring heavy ROI. Targeted theme and color combination is also equally important.

Target five senses of the buyer:

While in case of online stores, buyers are using only one of their senses to analyze the product, the eye. On the other hand in case of physical engagement the appeal buyers approach to analyze the products becomes changed, so should be buyers merchandising approach.


The most important retail merchandising product that is a must for any merchandising campaign is a mannequin. Mannequin or manikin is a human replica which sculpted keeping in mind the structure of a human and is an exact copy of human as of its synaptic maps. They are used in both inner and outer displays. No visual merchandising campaign is complete with mannequins. They can be positioned in any sporty or humanly pose. It is a very cheap product when looked at the productivity it brings to the store. They can be easily bought from a shop near you; mannequins for sale are also available over the internet at very affordable prices.

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