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Can You Eat Mushroom During Pregnancy? A Complete Guide


We all know what mushrooms are and what they look like because in most of games and movies we have watched in our childhood, involves mushrooms and most of the time those mushrooms have some kind of magical powers. To some extent, mushrooms having magical powers is true in real life as well because they are packed with various kinds of vitamins and minerals along with protein, antibiotics and antioxidants and amino acids as well. This combination of nutrients helps in keeping away different kind of diseases. can you freeze mushrooms?

What exactly a mushroom is?

Basically mushroom is a kind of fungi which is edible in nature. It was believed that there are more than 140,000 different species of mushrooms and astonishingly science is only familiarized with ten percent of them and among those ten percent only one hundred of them are being researched and studied for the health benefits they provide. There is also one thing to keep in mind that mushrooms usually grow on decaying and dead animals and plant while drawing nutrients from them, this implies that not all of the mushrooms are safe to consume. Only a handful of varieties of mushrooms that can be safely consumed by the humans in different recipes.

Mushrooms and Pregnancy

It is a very common question that was asked various new moms to be that either they consume mushrooms or not, during their pregnancy. Mushroom is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals it would be actually a loss if it would be avoided during pregnancy. There are only three varieties of mushrooms that should not be consumed during pregnancy. These types include magic mushrooms, raw mushrooms, and other wells know toxic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are known to have a chemical called Psilocybin, this chemical has the ability to meddle around with the brain activity and also effects the growth of the fetus. While raw mushrooms are carcinogenic in nature, therefore it is generally advised to cook them before eating so that carcinogenic substance is burnt away.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms during Pregnancy

Following are some health benefits that comes from the consumption of mushrooms during pregnancy, that you might not aware of:

Source of Vitamin B

Mushrooms are enriched with vitamin B. This vitamin helps in the conversion of food you take into energy you require to function. This also promotes healthy digestive system skin and nerve formation. Moreover, this is also known for providing Riboflavin which is very beneficial for the pregnant women. This vitamin B also promotes body mass of the baby and strengthens the nervous system.

Source of Vitamin D

Mushrooms have also teamed with vitamin D. this further increased the importance of consumption of mushrooms during pregnancy. It is a well-known fact that presence of vitamin D in body aids in better absorption of calcium, during pregnancy this helps in the building of better bones and teeth of the growing baby. In most of the foods, vitamin D is not included, it would be best if pregnant women make mushrooms a necessary addition to their food.

Source of Protein

Overall there is a large amount of protein available in mushrooms and particularly the lean protein. This protein is very beneficial for the development of muscle mass in the baby.

Source of Iron

Another main component of mushrooms is iron, they are not only enriched with iron but also they help in, up to ninety percent absorption of iron in the body. This leads to the red blood cells formation which plays the role of keeping us healthy and functioning of our body at an optimal level during pregnancy. Moreover, during this time period body requires a higher amount of hemoglobin and iron is one of the building blocks of hemoglobin.

Source of Antioxidants and Fibers

Mushrooms are equipped with fibrous content and antioxidants and both are required for the appropriate functioning and regulation of body over the period of pregnancy. During this time period immunity needs a boost and body needs to be protected from the free radical damage, antioxidants are used for exactly this purpose. While fibers help in the prevention of fatigue and constipation and keep you active and set you up for an easy delivery.

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