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Forge of Empires for PC (Windows & MAC)

Forge of Empires for PC

Download Forge of Empires for PC From Phone Apps For PC. Come and play Forge of Empires! Take control over a city and become the leader of an aspiring kingdom. Guide it through the ages, research new technologies, expand your empire and live through an epic story. Battle other players and …

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Skydoms for PC (Windows & MAC)

Skydoms for PC

Download Skydoms for PC From Phone Apps For PC. Lead a team of legendary fighters in the most ingenious RPG quest, prove yourself in epic battles and unveil the long-lost secrets and powers buried in the ancient flying islands of Skydoms. Forget everything you think you knew about match-3 puzzle RPGs, …

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Letter Zap Classic for PC (Windows & MAC)

Letter Zap Classic for PC

Download Letter Zap Classic for PC From Phone Apps For PC. Play Letroca and find as many words as you can using the letters available. The more words you find the more points you get. Get the whole family to join in! NEW: LETTER ZAP STARS! Play different thematic worlds! Collect …

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Tiny Realms for PC (Windows & MAC)

Tiny Realms for PC

Download Tiny Realms for PC From Phone Apps For PC. For the first time in a mobile strategy game, experience FREEDOM of CHOICE: Which unique Faction will you lead to dominate the Realm of Light? Play as the cunning HUMANS, the powerful DWARVES or the speedy TEGU lizards. You can choose …

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Happy Wheels for PC (Windows & MAC)

Happy Wheels for PC

Download Happy Wheels for PC From Phone Apps For PC. Happy Wheels is a rag-doll physics adventure game in which you can jump off buildings, smash glass & avoid explosives and arrow guns. Try to beat the infinite amount of user-generated levels as quickly as possible, keeping as many limbs as …

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Clan tribe clash for PC (Windows & MAC)

Clan tribe clash for PC

Download Clan tribe clash for PC From Phone Apps For PC. clan tribe clash is popular and famous epochal strategy game. establish a impenetrable village and defaet the enemy’s tribe clan. training your troops and fighting with other tribes clan! Player needs to gradually establish their own powerful clan, but also …

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Apoc War Zombies Clash for PC (Windows & MAC)

Apoc War Zombies Clash for PC

Download Apoc War Zombies Clash for PC from Phone Apps For PC. Clash of Zombies is an exciting SLG with Superheroes vs Zombies theme! Do you want to recruit Ironman, Hulk, Thor and other Super Heroes to defeat Zombies? Come on to download Clash of Zombies! You can recruit more Heroes, …

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Đấu Trường Manga for PC (Windows & MAC)

Download Đấu Trường Manga for PC from Phone Apps For PC. Đấu Trường Manga – Game Heroes convergence No. 1 Japan and South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia to Vietnam. Convergence game hundreds of characters from the world of popular manga series like Naruto, One Piece, BLEACH, Dragon Ball, and will not stop there …

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Avakin Life for PC (Windows & MAC)

Download Avakin Life for PC From Phone Apps For PC. Avakin Life is a sort of MMO-style Second Life , where the ‘players’ can move freely through dozens of scenarios of a huge world, while carrying out any type of action, and especially interacting with other ‘players’ of worldwide. In Avakin …

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Monster Warlord for PC (Windows & MAC)

Monster Warlord for PC

Download Monster Warlord for PC From Phone Apps For PC. Monster Warlord is a game with a very similar to Pokemon, mechanics in which our goal is to capture all the monsters we meet, make them evolve, and participate with them in lots of fights other teachers. During our adventures find …

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