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Cool Android Oreo Features

Android OreoGoogle recently released Android’s latest version 8.0 Oreo on August 21, 2017. The latest mobile OS from Google comes with a lot of new cool features.

It comes with a better boot speed and has optimizations for reduced battery usage.

Another great feature of the new OS version is the multitasking feature – Android Oreo lets the user work simultaneously on two apps on the same screen – great for streaming videos and chatting on WhatsApp at the same time, and more.

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It also enables better usage of processor and more control on them along with better notification handling features with notification dots and snooze options.

Android Oreo also offers streaming of update packages for installation and thus allow updates even on low storage space situations.

The WiFi management feature is also great which allows saving of battery power by managing the WiFi status and enabling it intelligently.

The series of great Android versions from Google is a major encouragement for the open source app development and forked OSes and is great for creation of better and secure and better running environments for the applications and make use them user-friendly and worthy.

Android Oreo will be pushed to many new and existing devices soon.

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