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1.   FAQ

What are company settings?

Company settings are general settings that apply to your company as a whole, such as your company inbox voicemail message, or your personalized video meeting URL.

Who can access company settings?

The company settings section is only accessible by admin NxT users. 

2.   Company Info


The General Settings tab contains all the important areas that are considered account-wide and making any changes at this level will have a global effect on the account for you and all of your users.


General settings


Company name

The company name section allows you to change the name of your business within the account. Changing this field will have an effect on the company inbox which carries the same name as the business.


company name screen


Caller ID name

Your outbound caller ID is the phone number or name that people see when you call them. We are automatically setting your Caller ID to your Company Name. You can update your Caller ID if needed.

The name that you set will be published to the National Caller ID Name database. Typically, landline carriers subscribe to the National Caller ID Name database, so when you call people who use those carriers, they will see the caller ID name that you’ve set.

Note that this setting can take up to 30 days to be included in all landline databases. Generally, this does not affect cell phones. Cell providers use a different system to provide their subscribers with caller ID information.


Caller ID Name Screen


Business address

You can update your business address by making changes to any of the fields. Please keep in mind that the business address zip code is used for tax purposes and making changes to this section may affect your bill.


Business address screen

Company Business Hours

If you would like different call handling rules for your open, closed, lunch, and holiday hours, you can set these hours with the Company Business Hours tab. 

Learn more about Company Business Hours.


3.   Call Settings

Music on hold

Changes to the call settings section get applied to all calls made from and to your account. These settings describe what the customer will hear when you put them on hold or start transferring to another user.

There are few options enabled for music on hold:

  • Text to speech allows you to type in a hold greeting while our automated voice system plays the greeting to your callers on hold or while they are being transferred.

text to speech screen


Select from a list of hold music such as soft rock or classical and more.


hold music screen


You can also upload your own audio file if you happen to have one saved.


Upload audio file


We also offer the ability to use your built-in microphone to record a new message using your own voice.


Record a message screen


Recording beep

There are myriad reasons for wanting to record a call. Whether you’re a lawyer, therapist, realtor, notary, call center, utility company, bank, etc. – there are many types of businesses that rely on call recording to keep a record of conversations for legal or monitoring purposes, here are a few examples:

Insurance Claims and Healthcare — Insurance claim conversations should be recorded in order to provide clear documentation of everything said. This eliminates speculation and false claims from scammers. This will ultimately protect your company and save money in certain scenarios.

Billing — When goods or services are purchased by phone, federal law requires that all disclaimers, terms and conditions of the purchase be clearly explicated. A recording covers liability and proves the company took the requisite steps for a transaction.

Phone-Based Employees — For call center employees, oftentimes recorded conversations are used in training. This also comes in handy in identifying pain points in the company, resolving customer disputes, and ultimately bolstering brand loyalty.

Industry Regulation Compliance — Many industry regulations do not necessarily require calls to be recorded, one can be used to settle a claim against a company’s behavior, proving compliance, and reducing liability and financial loss.

After signing up we automatically enable the beep option to (‘YES’) by default. Please remember about legal requirements for Federal and State laws when disabling this feature.


Call recording beep


4.   Company Inbox


With you get a shared inbox that all your employees can access and respond from, we call it the Company Inbox. 

To set up a custom voicemail message for the user’s inbox, the user should go to their Settings under, select one of three options and save their voicemail message. The same voice will be used for each text to speech voicemail greetings.

Company voicemail message

The company voicemail is what will play to your users when your team members can’t pick up the call which eventually gets forwarded to your Company Inbox. You can create your custom voicemail message using one of the following options:

  • Type your voicemail greeting into Text To Speech field and click on the Save button at the bottom of the Configure Company page


Text to speech field


Upload a custom audio file and use it as your voicemail greeting


Upload custom audio


Record you own audio by clicking on the microphone icon to start and stop recording


Record your own audio


We pre-configure the account so it plays a default message that says “Please leave your message after the tone when finished, hang up or press the pound key” so even if you do not customize your voicemail greeting your callers will still be taken care of.


5.   Video Meetings

Meeting url provides you with a secure online video meeting solution that you can use on any device and doesn’t require installation, it works right off your browser and it’s included for you with all your users.

We preconfigure your meeting url based on your company name at signup for example, if you entered AC Kings as your company name at Signup the system will automatically create as your meeting url name.

Remember that the updating Meeting URL will affect all your users.


Updaat meeting URL

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