Cool Android Oreo Features

Android Oreo

Google recently released Android’s latest version 8.0 Oreo on August 21, 2017. The latest mobile OS from Google comes with a lot of new cool features. It comes with a better boot speed and has optimizations for reduced battery usage. Another great feature of the new OS version is the …

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33 Short, Sweet Yoga Quotes from the Masters

If there’s one thing we learned from reading Yoga Quotes it’s that yoga tradition and philosophy are chock-full of inspirational words and wise advice. Here, a dozen Yoga Quotes on life, practice and the path to turn to in moments calling for renewed motivation. It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect. …

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Why Do Parents Opt For CBSE Board Schools in India?

CBSE Board Schools

Nowadays, CBSE Board schools in India are the preferred choice among parents. Parents these days are aware of the fact that the education offered by this board is better. So, as against enrolling their kid in a state board schools, they decide to opt for CBSE. It is true that …

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Sleep Patterns And Its Effect On Student Health

sleep pattern

Sleep patterns affect the health in positive or negative ways which in turn influence students’ performance on academics and daily life tasks. Students have turned blind eye on sleep patterns. They wake till late night which affects their sleep pattern adversely and they feel lethargic and lazy the next day. …

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