GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D for PC

GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D for PC

Download GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D for PC from PhoneAppsForPC.Net. Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D is an action game in the third person in which players can pilot a helicopter gunship. And face different missions that we have to meet very specific goals. In some missions (especially the first) our objectives will be …

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Giant Boulder of Death for PC (Windows & MAC)

Giant Boulder of Death for PC

Download Giant Boulder of Death for PC from PhoneAppsForPC.Net. Giant Boulder is now available for PC thanks to the third party Emulators. We can now play all the Android and iOS games and Run all their Apps on PC. Its a blessing for those of us who do not own any …

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Hangouts Dialer for PC (Windows & Mac)

Hangouts Dialer for PC

Download Hangouts Dialer for PC from For those who have been using vider and skype here it is an amazing app form the Android market. This time coming right into your PC without any delay. Hangouts Dialer is an amazing calling app which makes you able to call and stay …

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Instagram for PC (Windows & Mac)

Instagram for pc

Download Instagram for PC from If you are a big fan of photography or you just love to capture and share the beautiful moments and moments then Instagram is only for you. Instagram is a social media thought which you can create your own albums and share your work …

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Vine for PC (Windows & Mac)

Vine for pc

Download Vine for PC from Vine is a sort of media or we can say it is definitely a social media because it involve social lives. With Vine you can make video fun with any one you want. With the global connectivity you can share you r videos with …

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IMO for PC (Windows & Mac)

IMO for pc

Download IMO for PC from Adding up to the social media list here it comes another amazing app from Android market. IMO is basically designed to avoid phone call and Text message charges. You can feel free to connect to all your friends and family all the time. Share …

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LINE for PC (Windows & Mac)

line for pc

Download LINE for PC from LINE is another wonderful social media app for users around the world. LINE users can enjoy a lot staying connected to their loved once and friends. LINE provide verity of social media tools as video chat, video message, voice calls, voice messages and a …

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Snapchat for PC (Windows & Mac)

snapchat for pc

Download Snapchat for PC from Hello social media freaks here is another app for you to enter your PC desk. Snapchat is an amazing app for your friends to stay connected. You can snap a photo or a video and send it you your friends. They will laugh and …

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Banana Island for PC (Windows & MAC)

Banana Island for PC

Download Banana Island for PC from PhoneAppsForPc.Net. Banana Island is now available for Computer users. All the games of Android and iOS can be played on the platforms of Windows and MAC easily including windows 7,8 and 8.1 as well as MAC OS X. We will be showing you how can you …

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Brothers In Arms 3 for PC (windows & MAC)

Brothers In Arms 3 for PC

Download Brothers In Arms 3 for PC from Brothers in Arms 3 is a game of third person shooter in which players control Sergeant Wright, a hero war veteran who will struggle against the Nazis in the days after the landing in Normandy. The players directly control Sergeant Wright , …

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