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Sleep Patterns And Its Effect On Student Health

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Sleep patterns affect the health in positive or negative ways which in turn influence students’ performance on academics and daily life tasks.

Students have turned blind eye on sleep patterns. They wake till late night which affects their sleep pattern adversely and they feel lethargic and lazy the next day. This shift in sleep also makes student slow and he remains unfocussed throughout the day. It’s the dire need to pay proper attention on health because health is wealth and different factors affect health which is discussed in this article.

  1. Increased use of computer

Although computer should be used no more than certain hours but students have to make different assignments on computers so they use computers for prolonged hours. Besides studies, students have made it an indispensable part of their lives. They play different games and extensively use social networking websites apparently for no reason. Students should think on serious notes about the drawbacks of waking up till late. It only affects their physical health which also determines mental health.

  1. Usage of cellular phones for prolonged hours and its effects on health

Cellular phones were invented to use for communication. But, almost all the teenagers have made it an important part of their lives. They pay more attention on phones instead of studies. Student use excessive phones for prolonged hours. They keep on scrolling and shifting from one app to another app. Socialization is a good thing but that much dependency in cell phones only deteriorates health. When student pays more attention to cell phones rather than books he is surely putting his career and health at risk. A good health is required to achieve all the successes in life. When student is obsessed with cell phones than it is very difficult for him to concentrate on lectures and he suffers from lack of sleep. This affects his studies because he is in semi slumber state all day long which keeps him distracted and affects his education as well.

  1. Sleep disorders among students

Students are most commonly diagnosed with insomnia which is the sleep disorder. It symptoms are inability to sleep which are quite obvious in students now-a-days. Students have destroyed their health completely and the main reason is the growing insomnia in them. All day, student remains distracted and dizzy and all night, they spend it playing games on cell phones. Insomnia can be controlled by trying hard to shift sleep pattern from day to night. When we keep up late at night, our routine gets disturbed and we have to try hard to revitalize our sleeping patterns. Irregular sleeping pattern is also blamed for obesity and weight gain.

These are some of the reasons of sleep disturbance among students. It not only affects their day time activities but it also affects their health in the long run. Health practitioners suggest getting up early and going to bed early in night because night is meant to take rest, not to keep awake and kill the time for no good reasons. 6-8 hour sleep is must for proper health and all students should practice this.

Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Alicia Gill, a Health Practitioner, a Socialist and a writer who writes on Assignment Writing Service different topics related to student fitness and factors affecting students’ health.

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