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What Things To know before buying best rated pregnancy pillow

pregnancy pillowLearning to be a mother is best to sense and experience I have in my whole life. I actually am a mother of two young children now. I can bear in mind during my pregnancy I actually used to have problems with a lot of body pain. Specially in sleeping time, there was a whole lot of chronic and abdomen pain. I guess those are ok and quite normal to have, but the condition arises when I can’t sleep at night! I started to consulate with my pregnancy doctor. My doctor suggests me some pillows for my stomach pain. I was asking her “what is the best rated pregnancy pillow” as we do normally. She replayed me I have to try some pillows and find the best one for me. Not a smart answer right?

So, I started to try different pillows!

The first thing I notice those are not same at all. They are different in size, price, and user experiences. To find the best one for me i invested a lot of time, I want to share with you guys what is the core component of best rated pregnancy pillow.

1. Does the pillow have a cotton cover?

Ok now, your body will always contact with the cover, not the component inside with. You have to choose the best, reliable and most importantly comfortable pillow cover. Doesn’t matter it’s a U shape pillow or C shape pillow, the cover needs to be very very comfortable. For me getting a cotton cover is the best. Why? Because it is reliable and comfortable. Cotton suits our body so well, it feels comfortable in our body surface. You can also go for the fiber and composite pillows, for example some pillows cover are made of 30% of cotton to 60%, but again 100% cotton pillow is best if you are looking for comfort rather than glossy looks. Polyester is also a great material for cover, it feels good and also it’s warmer. It always depends upon weather and person. I will suggest avoiding those covers which can make a rash in a body.

2. Does the cover be removable?
Another thing we have to look at ‘does the pillow have a removable cover? Yes! You have to purchase a pillow with washable cover.


First of all the pregnancy pillows or any type of pillows makes a direct contact with our body. It easily gets dirty. If you have a washable cover you can wash the cover or you can change it. If you are not liking the cotton feeling or the cotton quality, you can replace the cover within a minute. You can go for different color or different cover material to remodel your existing pillow.

3. Does the cover be washable?
We certainly have to make certain the pillow case cover is washable or not. Look, there is May cover to choose from numerous feature, but a washable cover is one of the truly amazing features you have to consider. Let myself make clear why.

Whenever we wash a cover or cloth it gets smoother. Washable products use a tiny portion of the chemical. Whenever our system makes direct contact of any pillow cover it gets dirty. No subject how good the cover is. Using a grubby pillow almost a daily basis can make a rash or other harmful body diseases. You got 2 option left

Living with you existing pillow (which you don’t do)
Buy a fresh pillow
Those things you have no to think about when you have a washable cover. Isn’t it great! I always recommend washable covers over fix covers.

4. Maybe you have thought about the pillow size?
Very well, size of a pregnant state pillows matters. It may differ person to person depending on your system structure and comfort zone. You must choose a size where your body feels supported. It will eventually allow you more pain relief and better sleeping.

You should always decide on a pregnancy pillow based on your system size. Too small or too big can causes a problem and ruins the purpose of using it. Another thing you have to consider where you going to use it. This should cover the pain area and give you a total support

5. How much will it weights?
You should always avoid the heavy pillows. It’s difficult to carry and unpleasant to sleep at. Selected a soft and light-weight pillow always. I was assuming that you will not travel with this cushion but still during being the pregnant time you should always avoid heavy things. Since here every weights is important. Choosing a light, gentle and comfortable pillow is you should emphasis on. Let me recommend to use not more than 7ibs.

6.What is the best filling?
Filling are the core pieces of a pillow. There are many types of filing you are able to use. Those are is determined by your overall flexibility price and much more. I want to discuss common two styles of filling you can go for.

Polyesters: Polyesters stuffing are a most popular component of a pillow filling. This kind of material has so much of positive side and less negative feedbacks. Polyesters are easy to rinse and dry, those are cheap, reliable and comfortable and a lot importantly lightweight. That may easily adapt to the condition of your body and hypoallergenic.

Feather: Down is one of those materials which goes properly to the pillows. Fathers are by using a long generation for perfect pillows. The prices are relatively cheap, I actually will say one of the key features of daddy is its warmness, those who are looking for warm fillings I will glad to recommend them a father filling. Sweet and goose feathers are commonly used for down filling. You don’t need to worry if you have allergies that part works just perfect as other traditional pillows.

I actually just want to say, we have a lot of decision you will make during your pregnancy time, and I understand, I have also go through it. We should never give up about our health concern. Are you feeling pain? Go ahead and get a pillow, It has numerous pros with no downsides.

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