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Top 3 Reliance Jio Apps For Entertainment

Reliance Jio Apps

Trending Jio Apps:

As Relaince Jio 4g launched, the android smartphone users in india got a new dimension in the entire field of mobile communication and entertainment. A lot of android apps are downloaded by the users in india from play store and official sites. Relaince jio not only offers exciting offers for their users but awesome android and iphone apps for entertainment. The apps includes in the various categories like chat app, entertainment app, voice calling apps, gps related apps, news related apps. All the apps are awesome and highly rated, here i am going to point out the top 3 android app by reliance jio that are mostly downloaded from google play store. Download the most trending jio apps and enjoy the new feel of entertainment.

1) Jio Tv

Jio Tv is one of the most downloaded android apps from the reliance jio family. as the name specifies, we can imagine that the purpose of this android application. This is an android application for online live streaming of television channels and tv programmes. Jio tv offers more than 400 tv channels free with 60+ channels in high definition picture clarity. The users will not miss their special tv channels or programmes. This app works well with the reliance jio 4g network so that there is no any issues in buffering.

you can use this application by entering the jio user id and password. Search the favorite channels of your choice and get live streaming of the channels. Jio tv offers the tv channels in broad categories like sports, cinema, entertainment, devotional, kids etc. Many of the users uses this services. Millions of downloads are made through google play store. You can download and install jio tv free from play store. This app is available in ios also. Download the jio apps and make a new feel of entertainment.

2) Jio 4g Voice

Jio 4g voice app is another super power app from reliance jio family. The app is specifically used for jio voice and video calling purposes. This app is another most downloaded app from google play store. Since the app gives high definition end to end video and voice calling this app can also be called as jio calling app. This app also uses the high power 4g network by reliance jio, the users are getting high quality video and voice call. This app not uses normal mobile network. The app uses 4g data network for making jio calls.

Jio4gvoice app is free to download from android play store and the app also available from ios apps store.Install jio 4g voice application for video and voice calling over jio network. Making jio video call using Jio 4g Voice is so easy. You can dial the number in dial pad and call using jio 4g voice. After the receiver receives the call, you can make the voice call in to video call by tapping the video camera icon present on the jio 4g voice app interface. After the receiver receives the call the front camera started to record the video from both end. To make the jio video call, the receivers also need smartphone and jio network and jio 4g voice installed.

For making video call using jio 4g voice , you need a smartphone that is VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) Enabled. Using this smartphone only you can make a better video calling. If your smartphone does not have this features or your smartphone only supports 2G/3G, you can use jiofi wifi modem by reliance jio and make jio video call over jio 4g voice application.

3) My Jio App

My jio app is another app from reliance jio where the app can be used for multiple purposes. The primary purpose of my jio app is to recharge jio recharge by online. You can activate or recharge any jio offers using my jio app so that payment through the debit card. The app interface shows the available offers. and there is “recharge now” button to recharge the offer immediately.

The another use of my jio app is you can get all the jio apps downloaded and installed through my jio app. There are apps list like jio tv, jio chat, jio 4g voice etc and if your smartphone not installed any app, you can download and install the app by taping get now button, the app will download and install it. and if you are installed outdated app, you can update the app from there.

Download and install the jio apps from my jio app interface and enter to the world of digital life.

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