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Top 5 Best Funny Android Apps

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Looking for some funny android apps that makes you happy and that helps you spend your free time with joy?? Then this would be the right place for you. Developers have launched thousands of funny android applications in the Android market and most of them are free to download and use. Here we have listed top 5 funny android apps that are free to download and that are makes you entertain in the free time. So, go ahead and get to know about those android apps and download any of them based on your interests.

  1. 9Gag

9Gag is an android app that has a huge collection of memes and photos that makes you laugh with your whole heart. It is one of the best and oldest funny android apps that have the good collection of LOL images as well as videos that are categorized in to WTF, funny, Meme and GIF. The app is updated with new stuff regularly. Apart from photos and memes it too had lots of other stuff which you can explore if laughing is not only your motto of downloading this app. This is highest rated funny android apps in the android market for its efficiency and stability.

  1. Thug Life Video Maker

Thug Life Video Maker is another amazing android app that helps you spend your free time by making cool and funny videos with thug music and thug life text. It is a user-friendly app through which you can create the funniest videos in just few seconds with all the awesome features it have. It has beautiful thug life stickers, thug life sound, and text that can be chosen from different thug life layers that you can add them to your funny video easily. All the features of it are free to use and you can even share this thug life funny video with your friends and make them laugh too. The app supports various languages and it is one of the top rated funny apps for android users. So, give it a try and make fun of your cool and exciting moments of your life.

  1. Imgur

It is another image hoisting app that most of the people prefer. It too had varieties of stuff that range from amusing memes to serious things. You can see the stuff either in the GIF or image format. The app will allow the users to create account as well as allows uploading their own stuff too. The funny images and GIFs are constantly updated in this app and there are many stories and ideas to share. You can spend hours and hours of time watching funny images and laughing all the time. It is free app and you can use it with no in-app purchases.

  1. CheezBurgur

It is same as 9Gag but it has much more functionality. This app provides lots of funny jokes, GIFs, comics, images, fail images, videos, LOL photos and Memebase etc. Apart from this, the app will also allow the users to create their own posts i.e., same as social media apps. Users can just sing up Facebook or through other methods. It also gives the ability to access many other similar apps as well as sites from inside the app that gives lots of entertainment for the users. It is a home for more than 25 million GIF images and memes. So, let’s get entertained with this awesome app.

  1. Memedroid

Last but not least, Memedroid is a free meme generator app and it stays updated with lots of memes that you can watch almost all the day. The app is also having a feed of all the latest memes which are being generated by the community. Along with memes, the app also has many funny GIFs and pictures. Both adults and kids can make use of this app by reading funny jokes. Users can also make their own memes for showing up to the world. The database of the app is updated with funny stuff all the time.

These are the five best and top rated android funny apps that you can download and use. Try any of these awesome apps and get entertained in your leisure time or when you get bored.

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