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10 Mistakes that can damage educational system

educational system

There are literally 100s of mistakes our current educational system makes so let’s discuss top 10 ones.

It’s a learning institute, not a business.

One of the most common and absolutely shameful act is taking an educational department as a money making machine. Nowadays the laws and principles of an educational institute are designed in a such a way to produce better profits, but rather they should be taking care of how good their students are becoming in learning and grades. Universities and schools should be keen to produce the best quality students, not the best profits out of them. Students lose their confidence in an Institute if they notice such policies and behavior. Education is not a business and keeping such things in mind will only weaken the results of quality education.

Practical > Study.

Educational departments and teachers nowadays force too much on reading and learning or as I say bookish knowledge and no practical. Let’s see this in a way that, tomorrow is your exam and you might end up remembering everything to just pass the test but there is a 100% you will forget it later on. But practicals and research and development will help you remember it. Doing something with your own hand and experimenting will result in quality learning and understanding better. Books do help but if you are only reading and not applying then it’s a bad news. Study first but then practice must. A student will always learn more from practice instead of studying.

Let me ask everyone a question.

How many of you remember studying something without practice from a year ago and actually remember it?

90% will say nothing and the other 10% will either lie or carry an exceptional photographic memory.

So got the point? Ok moving on.

Standard circular.

I have an objection to our education system here personally. Which is providing a same standard education circular or syllabus to everyone. Why should everyone know or study the same repeated things? What good will that bring?

We will end up in a very dull nation where everyone will end knowing same stuff. There is a lack of proper guidance for the students to choose what they want to study. Understand the nature of the students and let them choose so they can result in better quality education and create a multi-talent society.

Discipline is not learning.

Why are we pressurizing students with over discipline and extra strict environment? It actually makes a student way duller and might end up taking away the confidence. It does not help the students to learn anything but instead, it makes them afraid of the system. I am not saying discipline is not necessary though. It is obviously important but mistaking it with learning or up lighting a student too much will only result in low quality. We understand the educational environment in old times was strict but look at the times and technology now. Things change and innovate every day so practice to upgrade yourself as well.


Let’s see. We observe multiple marathons at a time in a single institute.

For example, a marathon of students pushing to get the best grade in a class or a marathon of Institute for becoming the best selling Institute in town, city or country.

Both will produce low-quality results and are very dangerous for education departments. Keen is to gain knowledge not getting the best grades. When you will seek knowledge and practice for it or research will end up giving you good grades automatically while making you an excellent quality student. But if the focus is just on grades then students will find any shortcut or ways to push the temporary satisfactions of high grades and knowledge will be ignored. As well as departments which race their way to become the best one in town often ignores the key elements of learning. The Institute becomes a business in this marathon as we discussed above how dangerous that can become.

Memory Testing.

Assessments in schools, colleges are normally an alarming situation for any student whether how good he is in studying. But is our examination system following the right path?

Well in most cases I will have to say ‘NO’.

Our assessments are normally designed in a way that how much a student remembers from a class instead of checking whether the concepts are clear.

Stop testing our memory because it’ll destroy the students. Be more practical and arrange assessments in such a way that students can be scanned on the basis of concepts clarification.

Creativity killers.

Our education system is following such regulations which bound a student to study only what is offered. A student should be allowed to bring in his own ideas or work on them.

But this situation lacks a lot in many universities. This ends up making students less productive because limitations are applying on them. Institutes must learn to provide students giving an open field of creating and working on their own views.


This one word can destroy any department in the world. It eats any Institute inside out. When the staff members are doing politics against each other to benefit themselves or to degrading other will result in a failure of the whole department.

It’s a slippery situation in which you start listening to gossips or even agree to that, and before you know it, you start taking sides and end up in hating situations.

Teachers and staff should stay neutral to politics and keen to work on producing better quality education for students.

Lack of screening.

To produce the best quality students we must get even greater quality teachers. Department must screen the interviews of the teachers more carefully and only hire the best ones. It can result in a damaging situation if this procedure is not taken seriously. Training programs or seminars can be placed by the Institute to work on producing and screening out the best teachers.


One of the major issue as discussed a lot but not much improvement has been found. Plagiarism is basically defined as an act of copy/pasting others work via the web or the other students. This develops a shortcut for students to work quickly but is actually a downfall for them. Departments not taking plagiarism seriously will only create copy/paste students who will lack creativity and productivity. Many programs and online websites are offering plagiarism checkers to create a fair grading system. Teachers should take this step and remove this plague out of the system. Producing lesser quality work with creation is 100% better than copy pasting higher quality work.

Eliminating above mentioned issues will bring our society the best-educated generation but still, a question is there that ‘Will it happen?’…

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