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4 Tips That Can Make Your Android Function Optimally

, 4 Tips That Can Make Your Android Function Optimally

To get the most out of your Android phone, you need to know how to use it properly. Unfortunately, many people who buy their Android phone never make any changes to it, which eventually leads to performance issues. And if you are someone who is looking to get the best out of your phones, then the below tips will help you run your Android device optimally.


Even though Android is an extremely customizable OS, you will still not be able to fully utilize its power until and unless you root your smartphone. This will give you access to features on the phone that you would never have been able to use previously. A significant advantage of rooting is that you can easily update the Android OS to the latest version without being forced to go through the carrier. Plus, you will also be able to delete the built-in apps that usually come preloaded with the smartphone.

Default Apps

When an action is registered on your Android device, a related app that has been set to react to that action will start running. These are known as the default apps. And if you are not comfortable using that specific app, you will have a bad time with your device. For example, if you click a link and it opens in a browser you are not too fond of using, then the entire browsing experience can be too cumbersome. In order to avoid such a scenario, go to the settings and select the default app you wish to run when a link is clicked.


If you fill your phone with too many files and apps, then the storage will inevitably dwindle. When the space in the memory card reaches too low, then your phone will start having performance issues. Not only will you see that your apps are running slowly, but some programs may not even start at all. As such, check the storage space regularly and clear out unnecessary files and apps. This should be good enough to ensure that your smartphone functions optimally without being sluggish when you start installing any of the top android apps in 2018.


When you are typing long messages or are writing an email, getting typos is normal. But it does not negate that fact that having to deal with them consistently can also be nerve-wracking. And though the autocorrect feature is supposed to help you with this, it can actually make things worse by suggesting replacement words that you never even had in mind. A good way to deal with the issue will be to customize the autocorrect dictionary. Bu doing so, you will have an easier time getting the autocorrect feature work perfectly.

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