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4 Ways in which Marketing through Mobile App can be Beneficial for Companies

Marketing through an AppMobile apps are used by people around the world for a variety of tasks. It is one of the fastest ways of communication, along with other factors, as apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp make it easier for us remain in contact with our loved ones. It is now one of the preferred ways of marketing and companies try to target their potential and current users through various popular mobile apps.

The development of a mobile apps is a huge business in US and all across the globe. Once you will type a query like mobile app development nyc or a similar one in the browser of your PC or smartphone, you will get hundreds of thousands of search results. That’s how popular app development is these days and one of the reasons I have already mentioned above is it is the fastest way of marketing. I am sure you will question this statement. Let me offer you some insights into the world of marketing through mobile apps.

Marketing through an App is one of the Preferred Ways for Marketers Nowadays

Marketers want that their message gets across to their target market pretty quickly. One of the ways they use is email marketing which is still a reliable way to reach to the customers. But the response or open rate is dwindling fast and only corporate customers or B2B marketers prefer to use it now. Only 4-9% open rate is achieved by online marketers and that too after 24-48 hours and on the basis of a super responsive and active list.

When it’s the turn of mobile push messages or text messages, They are seen by around 97% of the people and that too within the first 4 minutes. That’s an incredible rate that dwarfs email marketing by a large margin. If you do not agree, honestly ask yourself how many times you check your mobile phone in the day once you listen to the notification tone and how quickly? Observe the behavior of people around you and you will agree with these stats.

General Perception of People about an App

Generally, it is a common perception among people that every brand and product should have an app that they can download and feel how it works. While there are many companies in US and global companies who do not have a mobile app. Some of them don’t feel like having one and others think that it’s too expensive to have an app of their own. If you are also a business owner and looking to market your product in a better way, you must get an app first.

Let me offer you 4 good reasons why you must develop a mobile app for your product/brand to give it the much needed boost.

  1. Build Customer Loyalty: Make your customers feel special by having a mobile app that they can download. Even your prospective customers can install it on their smartphones. Your current customers will feel a sense of loyalty as you can offer them discounts, coupons and promotions that they will read within minutes. What better way to engage with your current and potential customers than an app?
  2. A Viral Buzz in no Time: You can easily encourage your customers to use the app and make your message viral by sending it to their friends or business contacts. With built-in sharing capabilities for popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, you can just think about the huge reach it can create.
  3. Grow Customer List: Through a mobile app, you can easily gather email addresses and phone numbers of prospective customers, among other valuable data. It’s a virtual wealth of information that you can use to lure more customers in any other marketing campaign based on their preferences.
  4. Quick Feedback: Through an app, your customers can leave message on fan walls, share photos and send comments in a variety of ways through the touch of a button.

All of the above mentioned factors are worth the effort and amount you will spend on getting an app for your business as these will reap benefits for you in the long term.

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