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5 Free Warehouse Design Mobile Apps

warehouse designPlanning your warehouse design is key to improving efficiency and maximizing productivity. And your mobile device is a network-connected supercomputer capable of enabling amazing innovations and planning on a massive scale. Put your device to use with these five free mobile apps for warehouse design.


The SmartDraw web application works well on both phones and tablets. It allows you to design easy-to-read layouts of your facility quickly by customizing their templates with your measurements. SmartDraw provides ready-made symbols that are clear and simple to employ. Collaborate with your team via Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive or share with non-SmartDraw users by simply emailing a link to your design. SmartDraw also provides free support by phone and email. Users can also download a Windows desktop app for working seamlessly across all your devices. CNET editors gave the software a five-star rating. SmartDraw is available on Apple and Android devices.


PlanGrid is an app with many free features that you can use to manage changes to a design throughout the project. One frustrating feature of planning a warehouse design is getting everyone on the same page as the design evolves over time due to cost, unexpected complications, or new design ideas. The PlanGrid app features automated updates to designs, instant syncing across the entire team, and access to documentation at your fingertips. The app is available on Apple and Android devices.

Morpholio Trace

The Morpholio Trace app on iTunes is a design app for architects that anyone can use to plan their warehouse design. Trace designs just as you would on paper, but easily crafts digital elements with layering and smart rulers as a guide. Use two points to set a scale and even use custom stencils for easily duplicating design elements. Send or print your designs to scale wherever you use the app or collaborate on projects with your team. A winner of several design awards for professional or laypeople use.

Dewalt Mobile Pro

The Dewalt Mobile Pro app is your go-to device for quickly taking accurate measurements of the available space to maximize flow and accessibility. Not only does this app make accurate measurements, it will also record those measurements for you to remember later. Dewalt features a pro calculator for mathematics involving feet and inches, and can easily convert measurements to area results as well. The Dewalt Mobile Pro is available for iTunes and Android devices.


An early entrant in the augmented reality app space, ARuler clearly demonstrates usefulness in a segment poised to grow in popularity. Particularly beneficial for measuring oddly shaped machinery, the ARuler app works like a camera, showing the item you want to measure, and then overlays lines and measurements on the item itself. Quickly and easily measure equipment, tools, and goods just by pointing your phone in their direction. The ARuler app is available on iTunes only.

These powerful free apps will aid you in planning your warehouse design efficiently and accurately. Make use of the computer in your pocket with these devices.

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