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5 Tips and Tricks You Can Try Out on Your Android Device


Android is an operating system which is most popular in smart phones and most of the Android phones are much better than expensive iOS and windows smart phones. Due to popularity of Android smart phones most people prefer to use it and in love with Android phones. Android phones has lot of amusing features which facilitates its users and users do different hits and tricks for amusement and to enhance experience related to Android phones smartness. People experiences different covers for their phones as Android users use Android covers and iPhone users use iPhone x cases in Pakistan.

1.   Google accounts in multiple numbers:

Android smart phones have some features for which a Google account is required in order to use these features like to download apps from play store, a Google account is required. The most beneficial about Android phones is that you can add multiple Google accounts according to your need and you don’t need to logout one and then login with some other account as you can remain logged in on multiple accounts at a single time.

2.  Multitasking:

Android has one more amusing feature that is multitasking which allows its users to use multiple applications side by side. One has no need to dismiss an app and then use another app so it will be helpful and handy for a user to run its tasks simultaneously. Android smart phone users can better optimize their social networking apps through this multitasking feature.

3. Screen pinning:

It’s a very fascinating feature of Android phone. Most of the individuals have some privacy and they want some space and don’t allow others to indulge in some matters which are personal for them. This feature is exactly for such type of people as at some point they have to hand over their phone set to their friends or to their family members soultimately they can keep away an app from them by using the screen pinning as this feature will ask to enter screen lock code again to access that app eventually other will not be able to access some part of your phone without your permission.

4. Access to lost notifications:

Every Android user always on notifications for all apps and can check notification on the spot. But there is a case that the user accidently flip side the notification and then forget that what notification he has received, no problem there is a great option in Android smart phone to access lost notification by simply tap and hold the finger on blank screen of the phone and from widgets option one can place setting shortcut on screen through dragging and simply choose option of notification log, it will show you all history of notifications.

5. Get rid off of Auto Correction:

Every one text frequently through their smart phone and smart phone try to act as English teacher for you.Every time you type some word, it change it according to English grammar and change spelling of the word as auto correction remains on by default and you cannot type message according to your desire so it will be most annoying behavior of smart phone which no one likes. No trouble any more as you can turn off auto correction by performing simple steps. You only need to go to smart phone settings and then tap on the keyboard which you are using as most of Android smart phone users use Google Keyboard. Afterwards look for auto correction and then turn it off. Now, you can type anything with piece of mind.

Android is such type of operating system which has numerous usability factors and it is frequently use in smart phone at the manufacturing time of phone. Android phones has much more features, hits and tricks than the above mentioned tricks and methods but the above techniques or methods are most constructive for most of the Android users as these enable them to use their phone with ease and can utilize it in much more superior way. Not only this,Oppo cases in Pakistan are also constructive for smart phone users with these amusing features of Android smart phone.In fact, most smart phone users have value of their smart phones in their life more than every other thing so certainly they like to do different fantasy techniques with their smart phones.

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