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6 must-have personal development apps

Personal Development AppsEveryone wants to be the best that they can be, but sometimes life gets in the way of being your best self – but there’s an app for that. In fact, there are a few. Personal development apps keep information all in one place, make personal development more engaging, record milestones and achievements, and send users reminders to stay on track. Here are some of the best apps to keep you at your best.


Mindbloom is based in Seattle, and the company goal is to help users focus on what’s most important in life, accomplishing tasks that add meaning rather than just checking off their to-do list. It’s useful when you’re trying to switch things up and start something new. The Bloom app is free and helps users not only transform photos and music, but set reminders that help live every day to the fullest. Users “plant” their own reminders or choose from pre-loaded “blooms” that inspire users to make healthy eating decisions, spend wisely, and be more creative. Here are a few of the blooms the app includes:

  • Eat a healthy snack between meals.
  • Schedule your favorite song to play along with family photos as you unwind after work.
  • Energize with music before a workout.
  • Call a family member to connect.
  • Practice the instrument you’re studying as a hobby.

Users report sending private blooms to their spouses to make sure they hug every day and preparing public blooms to encourage all their friends.

Office Yoga Pro – Fitness at Work

When your work involves spending the day in a chair, you experience decreased circulation, higher blood sugar, and lower good cholesterol. Researchers link inactivity with heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain types of cancer. We all know we need to exercise to stop these things, but making that work in an office can be tough. Enter Office Yoga Pro – Fitness at Work.

Yoga improves muscle tone, stimulates your circulation, and increases your metabolism. When you practice yoga, you feel revitalized throughout the rest of the day. Office Yoga lets you practice at your desk with stretches and positions that reduce muscle strain and improve productivity.

The app costs $2.99 and suggests workouts created by experienced instructors with high definition demonstration videos. Craft your own daily routine, calculate your body mass index, and record your weight – all while working.

Gratitude Journal

Research shows being thankful isn’t just polite. People who express thankfulness to others make more new friendships. One study shows that gratitude makes you healthier, both mentally and physically. Grateful people have fewer body aches and rank their overall happiness higher than other people. Multiple studies link gratitude to psychological well-being.

The Gratitude Journal app makes gratitude intentional. It’s only available on iOS, but it helps users keep a daily list of the things for which they’re thankful. Huffington Post and Oprah both recommend using this app to create powerful feelings of appreciation for the good things in your life.

Lumosity – Brain Training

Instead of spending down time mindlessly scrolling through social media, challenge your brain with this free app that improves memory and attention. Scientists and game designers teamed up to create daily workouts that first find your baseline and then lead you through a series of cognitive games.

Scientists tested almost 5,000 participants, training half with Lumosity and the other with a crossword puzzle game. After 10 weeks, Lumosity users performed higher on assessments. Developers work with more than 40 university researchers around the world and incorporate brain training research as it evolves.

Self-Help Classics

When you want access to all the personal development books you’ve been meaning to read, this app gives you access to 60 of them for less than a dollar. Find success, live happier, and be your best self by using the library for inspiration and improvement. The app features text-to-speech progress that can be bookmarked and an intuitive search. Here are a few of the available titles:

  • Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”
  • Henry Thomas’ “Dynamic Thought”
  • Theron Q. Dumont’s “The Power of Concentration”
  • “Certain Success” by Norval A. Hawkins


People who journal know it’s so much more than just writing in a diary. A University of Victoria report notes writing improves overall intelligence. When people write down their dreams, ambitions, and goals, they are forced to focus and refine them and are more likely to reach them. Journaling promotes mindfulness and anchors users to the moment by engaging the wandering brain in what’s currently going on.

The DayOneApp lets users add photos, geo-location data, and weather information to their journal posts. The experience is even more immersive than traditional journaling, and, when users return to their journal entries, they revisit each moment in their past.

Make your smartphone a tool for personal improvement. Download apps that make you more intelligent, healthy, and serene.

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