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5 Free Beauty Apps

Looking to use your mobile device to ramp up your beauty quotient? Just imagine beautiful skin, silky hair and a great look all enhanced by technology.  Look no further than these great apps to get information, try a virtual makeover, and more. Sephora The Sephora beauty app provides more than …

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5 Free Warehouse Design Mobile Apps

Planning your warehouse design is key to improving efficiency and maximizing productivity. And your mobile device is a network-connected supercomputer capable of enabling amazing innovations and planning on a massive scale. Put your device to use with these five free mobile apps for warehouse design. SmartDraw The SmartDraw web application …

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The Profound Lyrics of Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates has made a name for himself for his honesty and the gritty reality of his lyrics. At just 31 years old, Gates has captured the hearts of a passionate fan base attracted by the way Gates dares to bare his soul in rap and song. Here are some …

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What is mental toughness?

Mental toughness

Mental toughness is term used by psychologists to refer to resilience and confidence. Training in mental toughness can help a performer succeed in sport, education and the workplace. The discipline and area of study was first identified in athletic training in the 1980s. Researchers defined a series of attributes that when enhanced led a competitor to perform better. They …

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How to buy soursop fruit

A lot of people are starting to discover soursop, also known as guanabana. Mark Twain called it “deliciousness itself.” It has become famous for a variety of reasons. For one the soursop is as Twain said very tasty. Some say the fruit’s pulp is like a combo of strawberry and pineapple (or …

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6 must-have personal development apps

Everyone wants to be the best that they can be, but sometimes life gets in the way of being your best self – but there’s an app for that. In fact, there are a few. Personal development apps keep information all in one place, make personal development more engaging, record …

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