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Bankbazaar App – Your One Stop Solution for Financial Matters


To enjoy a great and rewarding life, it is very important that you earn well. The money that you earn and save helps you to take care of yourself and give your loved ones the lifestyle and comforts that they deserve. Choosing the right financial product and managing your finances, thus becomes of utmost importance.

Give BankBazaar app a try – it’s the biggest online marketplace for all your financial needs! – Download the BankBazaar Mobile App Now!

Bankbazaar aims at helping you choose the right financial product that suits all your needs and requirements. The Bankbazaar app helps compare different financial products like personal loans, home loans, credit cards offered by various banks. The app is user-friendly and interactive. It comes with an EMI calculator that allows you to calculate your monthly installments if you take a loan. You can easily use the app to compare various products offered by different banks and then apply for the one that you think is best for you.

The app also keeps you updated about the latest financial news and provides tips to manage your finances better. People in India keep purchasing gold and silver – may it be for investment purposes or for any occasion. The Bankbazaar app allows you to access the prevalent rates of gold and silver. The gold and silver rates for almost all the cities in India are available on the app.

The app also keeps a track of your bank balance. You will get text messages updating you about your current bank balance.

The app is available on both Android and iOS app stores. Bankbazaar is the biggest online marketplace for credit cards and loans. This app ensures that you manage your finances well and stay up-to-date with latest finance news.

Things that you can do using the Bankbazaar app:

  • Compare and apply for the loans, fixed deposits, and credit cards.
  • Check your eligibility towards the loan.
  • Manage your money by tracking all your expenses
  • Calculate monthly installments using the EMI calculator.
  • Read the latest finance tips and news.
  • Avail instant quotes and find the lowest rates of interest on loans and credit cards.
  • Get daily silver rates and gold rates.
  • Also, get daily updates on fuel rates – petrol and diesel prices.
  • Find MICR codes and IFSC Codes of all leading banks.
  • Track your application status for a loan or credit card.

Features of the Bankbazaar App:

  • Compare and Apply – Be it a loan, credit card or fixed deposit. This app will allow you to find the right financial product. Top banks like SBI, Citibank, HDFC, ICICI, Axis, etc. have listed their products and services.
  • Personal Finance – Keep a track of all your expenses with the bank balance check tracker and Credit card EMIs & bill payments reminders.
  • F101 – Stay updated about the latest financial news and get tips for better management of your finances.
  • Gold Rate Daily Tracker – Get access to daily gold rates and silver rates in and around your city.
  • Fuel Rate Daily Tracker – Get daily updates on petrol price and diesel price in and around your city.
  • Credit Score – Get free credit score and know your eligibility towards loans and credit cards.

Bottom line:

The Bankbazaar app is designed to cater to all your financial needs. Choose the right product that suits your needs and applies for it easily on the app.

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