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ABSTRACT: This article is written as a caution for those who are willing to buy the gaming chairs for their gaming on pc/monitor or at anywhere else. It would be better for the buyers to first have a look through this article and read it carefully so might it brought some change to their behavior in respect of purchasing the gaming chair or they may get aware of the pros and cons of a gaming chair. Besides all that, the benefits of a gaming chair and types of gaming chairs will be discussed in this article.

INTRODUCTION: In the beginning of the article the concept of gaming chair will be explained and the reason that why people demands it. With all that the other thing will be the types of chairs and their existence because only on that basis it would be better for you to choose the best gaming chair by yourself. I hope this article would be helpful for you that much, so you can easily evaluate between the chairs in your real life and can identify the best gaming chair suitable for you.

Before claiming a particular chair to be the best it would be better that firstly to know the concept of a gaming chair. Before selecting a particular gaming chair identify your gaming area or space or the source through which you are playing. If you are playing on desktops and you are a hard core player so in that case you might also spend a lot of timing while gaming, so in that case the that plenty of time should be more natural and it can be by a gaming chair because if you are spending that much time on gaming so you should feel a natural temptation.

FACTORS TO BE SURE: While purchasing a pc gaming seat, there are some of the factors for which you have to be sure, for example in your gaming area if the console or the pc with installed games doesn’t meet your expectations or you do not have the adequate graphic card so the buying decision of gaming chair will be poor. If you do so, after buying you will realize that foe such pc it would be better that you just have a support for your back instead of having a pc gaming chair. So for that you have to be sure that your pc gaming chair requirements met with that of your pc.

DEDICATED GAMING CHAIRS: What happens if the best gaming chair in the market is not the dedicated one? It might happen because every one follows a trail of experience, so in you have the opportunity to choose the suggested or recommended gaming chair instead of buying a best one. It is proves that the best gaming chairs around the world are mostly designed by the corporate brands which also designs chairs for the offices as they have the mission to provide the comfort to the people in the offices so if they get well obviously then they will do well.

TYPES OF CHAIR LOVERS: In this it would be all about the gamers that what type of chair they would like to have. We have analysed the chairs according to its specifications and features but why don’t we bring a change? We should do the analysis but not according to the qualities of chairs but with respect to the suitability of the gamers. There are two types of customers/gamers which rely as:

DESIGN AND EXPENSE: Firstly those who love to buy the chairs which are very inexpensive and occupy a very simple and a compact design. Secondly, those who rely in the category of buying rocker design chairs which are usually unsuitable while gaming on desktops and those have no armrests as well as according to price their would be a great difference between the rocker and a simple design chair.


  1. MODWAY EEI-825-BLK: Things to be appreciated in this model are those that it is very affordable, the backrest occupied in this chair is ventilated and there are a total of nine colours available in this model. Some cons are those the backrest cannot be tilted and the lever occupied for adjustments are so rigid.
  2. FLASH FURNITURE BL-X-5M-BK-CG: Again it is affordable and is occupied with airy backrest in pros and on the other side the cons are that the armrest of this chair might be too high for some of the peoples and the wheels have a bit complexity at the time of assembling.
  3. X ROCKER 5143601 II: In discussion of pros it is provided with a simple and aturdy design and it has wireless built in speakers and cons are that as we discussed above that rocker design might be inappropriate for the desktop gaming.

Above were the most popular gaming chairs designed by great companies which belongs from the category of low, mid and high range series with respect to their features, specifications and quality. Besides that, now a day the most recommended chair by the gamers especially from the gaming interests of racing ones are the DX racer tank series. These chairs are used in a wide variety of range now a days and are available in several different models with different colours.

DX RACER GAMING CHAIRS: As it was informed to you that they are most the suggested chairs of now a days. They are available at reasonable prices among other brands of racing gaming chairs. It is very common that people always prefer of give the first priority in the gaming chairs with respect to racing. Racing itself has some interlinks with gamers which tends or motivates the gamers to make themselves more precious in the racing game. A gamer always wants play more with comfort and be durable with the racing games rather than games of the other genre. So, in that case DX racer tank series gaming chairs are the best because their design is according to the racing games as the field is clearly defined by it’s brand name.

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