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Slayin for PC (Windows & Mac)

Slayin for PC

Download Slayin for PC form phoneappsforpc.net Get your self prepared for the unlimited RPG thrill. This game will test your skills to the limit. On your journey you will travel through numerous locations and encounter dozens of different monsters and fearsome bosses. Eventually, you will even have to face the giant dragon …

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Snuggle Truck for PC (Windows & Mac)

Snuggle Truck for PC

Download Snuggle Truck for PC from phoneappsforpc.net This is an amazing game. You will have an unlimited fun of driving truck on the hills. Featured by PC world this game have amazing graphics. This is the pocket gamer game of the week. This is basically a physics based truck driving game. …

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Darkness Reborn for PC (Windows & Mac)

Darkness Reborn for PC

Download Darkness Reborn for PC form phoneappsforpc.net Be ready for the arena of darkness. The war is on and you have to fight for your life. High-end graphics resembling a blockbuster PC game. Feel the satisfaction! Destroy the Devil’s army with immaculate action and effects. An exclusive lineup of powerful classes. Warrior, a rock-hard physique …

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RollerCoaster Tycoon for PC (Windows & Mac)

RollerCoaster Tycoon for PC

Download RollerCoaster Tycoon for PC form phoneappsforpc.net This is an amazing game with addictive mixture of strategy and planning. Create and share your theme of park with your friends. You can customize you theme and make new features and attractions. Now you can grow your economy by making business on your …

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Armored Car 2 for PC (Windows & Mac)

Armored Car 2 for PC

Download Armored Car 2 for PC form phoneappsforpc.net Did you ever had an armored car drag race. Now be ready to face the deadliest challenge. Equip your car with the latest weapon systems and manage to out number your opponents. Armored Car 2 adopted a new vehicle control. It will give …

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Survive Mola Mola for PC (Windows & Mac)

Survive Mola Mola for PC

Download Survive Mola Mola for PC form phoneappsforpc.net The amazing simulation game is featured by Select Button Inc. A very interesting venture with cute 2D graphic display. This game is the most famous game from Japan. The “closest animal to heaven” has arrived. Take care of your mola! Brand-new nurturing game …

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Texas Poker for PC (Windows & Mac)

Texas Poker for PC

Download Texas Poker for PC from phoneappsforpc.net The poker world is full of joy and winnings. You can gamble your money and win at the highest level. Texas Poker for PC is now available. Texas Poker holds plenty of exciting actions for players of all levels. Play, bluff, win, chat with others at …

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ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 for PC (Windows & Mac)


Download ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 for PC from phoneappsforpc.net The last tower of the demons have been demolished now. Now heroes are emerging and new era of warriors is coming. The dragons have now unleashed the fire demons. They are now busy making a huge empire for them. This is an amazing …

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Metal Soldiers for PC (Windows & Mac)

Metal Soldiers for PC

Download Metal Soldiers for PC from phoneappsforpc.net Load you gun and shoot. Its time for the ultimate action now. Do you have the courage to defeat the army of militants. Metal Soldiers combines the adrenaline of platform style games with the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around and …

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DomiNations for PC (Windows & Mac)

DomiNations for PC

Download DomiNations for PC from phoneappsforpc.net From the stone age to the space age. Its only the matter of time. You can leap the centuries.Lead your Nation to ultimate victory throughout all of human history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Build your capital city, pick your Nation …

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