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How Do Employers Help Employees to Quit Smoking

, How Do Employers Help Employees to Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for everyone. It affects every organ in the body so quitting smoking would be a great option. Based on the research, 87% of the lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Of course, smoking is also responsible for many other health problems in our body that includes lung disease, stroke, blood vessel disease and cataracts. Lung diseases are the most common problems that most of the smokers are suffering. Women who are smoking have the higher chance of pregnancy problems or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) during childbirth.

Smokers experience the shortness of breath and physical activity, so when you quit smoking, you could probably notice more improvement in the health effects. Smoking is injurious to your health as well as the person beside you. Quitting smoking could automatically reduce the risk of health problems. When your employee in office is addicted to smoking, then it is necessary to make sure to avoid the harmful side effects. You need to provide proper guidance for your employee to quit smoking.

Smoking becomes the fashion in the modern day, but it is seriously injurious to all the internal organs in the body. E-cigarettes look exactly like the normal cigarettes and it can work very different. The E-cigarettes contains the best e-liquid with the lower Nicotine level, and it would be a great way to quit smoking.  E-cigarettes are battery-operated smoking devices, and best alternative for the tobacco-filled smoking.

Motivating All Employees To Quit Smoking:

Every organization likes to improve their profit with healthy and creative employees. Motivating the employees based on many facts the society is suffering could bring more awareness. One of the most unsafe habits that most of the people are addicted is Smoking. Creating policies and programs to create awareness about Quitting Smoking not only increases health benefits but also helpful for motivation in significant aspects. According to the recent research, more than 70% report is adult smokers who like to quit smoking but do not get the right guidance. Worksite-based competitions and incentives are helpful for reducing the Tobacco used among the workers.

Using Health Plan For Helping Employees:

Research shows effective tobacco dependence treatment includes Medication and counseling or coaching that could triple the chance for Quit Smoking successfully. Of course, employers can use the company’s health plan to help the employees and families to quit smoking easily. Spending tobacco-related illnesses would be complicated, so it is necessary to act accordingly.

Designing Health Benefits Term and Conditions:

Tobacco dependence treatment helps the employees to get more advantages that include paying for the medication or counseling. Employers can also offer the FDA-approved medicines that include over-the-counter and prescription. It also covers the counseling service such as individual counseling and telephone counseling. Employers can show the smoking addicted employees to help them to quit tobacco with creating more awareness about the habit. Providing courses for the treatment with both medication and counseling could be a better option. Evaluating and awareness about the health and wellness of the staffs are most important. The employer needs to understand whether their employees are undergoing stress, anxiety or any other problems in daily life.

Create Awareness:

Employers can survey to know the interest of their employees about the smoking cessation of products and service. Taking the alternative E-cigarette could be the best way for avoiding the smoking as you can easily find best e-liquid of different flavors. Of course, E-cigarette has several benefits when compared to the harmful tobacco filled cigarettes. Unlike other tobacco, E-cigarette only contains less amount of Nicotine level so that it does not create any harm to the lungs or other internal organs. E-cigarette could be the best alternative option for everyone who likes to quit smoking in the short term.

Smoking is injurious to health. Employers can create a policy or awareness program to give proper smoking cessation assistance for the employees who get addicted to smoking. Employers can refer the employees with community-based materials and programs. Using the best e-liquid for E-cigarette smoking would be an excellent option for getting quality and alternative smoking aspects. Awareness of smoking with the stress management, health screenings, physical activity, and many others could be a great option to increase the health benefits of employees so employers should focus on it.

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