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How to buy soursop fruit

soursop fruit
Soursop fruit is green and spiny with a delicate flesh inside.

A lot of people are starting to discover soursop, also known as guanabana. Mark Twain called it “deliciousness itself.” It has become famous for a variety of reasons. For one the soursop is as Twain said very tasty. Some say the fruit’s pulp is like a combo of strawberry and pineapple (or mango), with a lovely creamy flavor that is like a coconut or banana.

It is important to consume it fresh where possible. So here how to find it and select it.

It goes by a variety of names also. In South America, for example, it’s called Guanabana. Some call it a custard pear or custard apple. You cna find it in Jamaica and many island in the Caribbean. You’ll also find it in markets in Mexico.

The fruit is green and spiny. You don’t want to eat the skin. But it is important that the fruit arrives with the skin on if possible to have the freshest experience. The curved body of the fruit should be firm yet slightly soft when it is ready to eat.

The best way to order soursop in the United States is from a source that can get it directly from a farm where it can be harvested from the tree and then shipped to you quickly. Usually over 2 days. This can be pricey for an air freight fee, but fresh fruit is an incredible treat and it also have massive medicinal qualities including a reputation for treating cancer.

This time allows the fruit to ripen so that it is ready to be eaten when you receive it.

When buying a fresh soursop fruit it should be soft but firm. If the fruit is too squishy it’s probably over ripe.

This soursop juice drink recipe below is Jamaican traditional preparation. If you can’t find the fresh fruit look for Soursop or Guanabana nectar and add the other ingredients as instructed. There’s nothing like the taste of  chilled Soursop Juice over ice. See the video below from CookLikeaJamaican.com.

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