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India’s Most Famous News app, Awesummly

Being one of the most trending apps in India, Awesummly is the best short news app of 2018. Awesummly is the ad-free, light and very fast app. If you are missing out on the news and latest updates about your favourite stuff then give this app a try and we are sure that you will be instantly hooked to this trending and India’s most famous short news app that provides the latest news in awesome card design format.One can hardly ignore the newspapers which keep them updated with all the current happenings across the globe. But sometimes the exaggerated and the overrated writings in the newspaper deviate us from it, and we search for a better alternative.

, India’s Most Famous News app, Awesummly

Can you imagine an app that will provide you with the news from all around the world in 60 words? Can you imagine an app that will defend you from the exaggerated writings? Now, stop decollating and download this excellent Awesummly app and trust me it will be a dream coming fact for you.

The app with all the advanced features that might other news app lacks is a must downloaded one, and you can’t ignore it without scrolling down your finger through it. It has been rightly said that and also the development of this app required the constant efforts and the hard work after which it flies from the bottom of the sea to the heights of the sky.

So, the developers had put their sweat and blood to make this app. Now, this app is a great success and the developers now are enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

This instant news reading app reaching the heights of success is far more than appreciable. Its importance can be hardly ignored after seeing all its advanced and Prodigy features and trust me you can barely control your fingers scrolling down through it.

, India’s Most Famous News app, Awesummly

What’s new in the Awesummly app for Android? Well, this question is not the question of a single individual rather, it is the question of masses who want to know what is the necessity of this app? What are the awesome features that have to divert the user’s attention from the newspaper? Here are the newly embedded features in this app that has to gain the maximum positive reviews from the public.

It is not that you have to download this app on your device one can also have a look at the website for the important daily news which is also one of the advanced and the Prodigy feature of this app. So, if you are looking for the best news app then definitely it is a must downloaded the app even if your phone is running out of storage.

So, with the rhythmic chirping of the birds to the cock full sound of the cocks enjoy your beautiful morning reading the news on this awesome app Awesummly. Download it and feel the difference between using it.

So, let’s have a close look at some of its awesome features.


It is one of the best short news apps that allows the user to read the news in just about 60 words. There may be other news apps offering the mind-blowing features, but what this app offers, no other alternative can be used in its place. The features simply are captivating and will definitely drive you off from your seat.

What the best part of this is the instant covering the breaking news through its long and wide-branching sources. It presents you the hot news at the real-time thus updating with all the happenings across the globe.

There are times when people don’t want to read the news and so through this awesome feature you can save your contents for reading at the perfect time. Now lean your back against the wall and read the new with full concentration. It allows the user to share the contents with their friends. You can easily share the impressive or the necessary contents without any botheration.

This is the best part of this app where it allows the user enjoy its audio facility. Now you can place earphone in your ears and allowed to swim into the world of information and knowledge far away from the throttling world. It instantly updates you with the live cricket scores thus letting the fever of cricket dance on your forehead.

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