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How To Learn English More Faster & Effectively?

The importance of a good knowledge of English is undeniable: besides allowing you to travel practically in all countries and communicate with people of different nationalities, today it is an indispensable requirement to make career in the work or academic world apart from the importance of business management courses.

It is said that a study abroad, study in an English-speaking country is essential to learn the language well, what is your experience about it?

Are there significant differences between British and American English? What advice to study and where?

It is found that many of students are more familiar with American English and find it easier to understand, because of the influence of movies and music in American English. American English tends to be more phonetic and, therefore, students find the spelling of the words much more comprehensible. However, teachers in TEFL English schools regularly focus on the differences between these two types of English. My advice to students is to focus on the type of English they will use in the future, so where will they go to college or where they will work.

Is it true that some people are not taught to learn a language or is it just a common place? According to your experience, can anyone learn English successfully?

Some people have a natural ability for languages, on the other hand, I believe that many people are not inclined to learn the grammar of the language they are studying. However, modern language teaching is more based on learning through communication. Nowadays, the teacher who teaches English as a foreign language is no longer the center of the lesson. Students no longer have to sit passively and take notes while the teacher presents the topics in front of the class. This is still necessary, but in a minority way, it must only be a space to integrate into an interactive lesson. Students today spend a lot more time talking and discussing topics among themselves.

Can you learn English well even at the age of 20?

Yes, of course, and at any age. There is, of course, a different approach to teaching English for adults. Children and teenagers can learn new languages much more easily than adults. However, much research has been done in the field of adult education; EFL (English as an alien) teachers are enabled to apply these approaches to the classroom, which are based on adult learning methodologies.

Is it true that conversation is the most effective way to learn English?

Yes and No. Some may learn English at a good level without studying it altogether. However, those who learn English in this way can develop and lead to grammatical errors. The best way to learn English is to make a balanced learning between conversation and targeted study.

There have been several institutes for an English speaking course, so trust the one that has positive reviews and happy customers. The best way to learn english is to build and maintain the confidence inside you.

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