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Offerte smartphoneOfferte smartphone is a famous keyword nowadays, Smartphone technology is growing very fast, Nowadays smartphone features are just adorable.

New smartphones with stunning features are being launched every day. Let’s discuss the best smartphone deals.

Huawei is becoming one of the popular smartphone brands all over the world, Huawei is famous in providing best deals to their customers in low price.

Recently Huawei has launched their new P10, Huawei p10 is a beautiful smartphone having outstanding features.

Nothing comes close to Huawei p10 design wise. It looks like exactly the most costly iPhone 7 design. The whole of the body is made up of silver like in silver back in p9. It feels good when you hold in your hand.

The fingerprint scanner is on the front side embedded with the home button. Unlike the rear facing sensor in Huawei p9, Extra functionalities can be added by long pressing the home key which helps you return to the home screen and left swipes for bringing the recent apps. It’s a speedy process as well but if you want on-screen navigation then you can enable it.

When we move further on its design there you will find a power button on the volume rocker on the right edge of the phone. While on the left side there are places for inserting sim card and microSD. There is nothing on the top edge of the phone but you will find a Type- C USB charging port at the bottom of the device.

Aquista Huawei P10 offer

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