ABSTRACT: In this article we will throw a light on the paints and other finishing materials used during the manufacturing of a ping pong table as well as what are the paints and the materials to be painted in different conditions.

INTRODUCTION: At the time of building a ping pong table or a table tennis table, so it is always focused that what type of paints and surface materials should be used at time of construction or does it matters or not. In general, the using of the right and the most suitable paints depends upon the type of surface used on the top of ping pong table. Because if in case it is built up with metal so every different kind of metal has its different characteristics and matches with different varieties of paints.

Painting of a ping pong table does not refers to paint a new one but it is also possible in most of the scenes that families and friends are going to modify, renovate or customize their existing ping pong table. So the following information would be helpful for them too, all they have to do is to repair the damages on the table and then apply the following steps.

TABLE TOP MATERIAL: Most of the ping pong tables are occupied of fiber board playing surface as well as some of them are built with slightly high density among all. It is a very big question that exactly what paint to use while building a ping pong table and mostly the answers of this question were incomplete. After a long research and study, it was concluded that the fiber board ping pong table should be painted with a matt finishing with dark colour there should be only a slightly touch of gloss to it. With passage of some time it was also concluded that the painted used yet in the manufacturing of a ping pong table has itself some bad effects on the performance of ball bouncing, creates a lots of friction and decreases the playing quality of a table.

In all that case, the manufacturers has to think a lot that actually what paint to use and further more studies were made to formulate a colour which has no side effects and does not affect the playing quality.

HOW TO COLOUR: Colouring on the ping pong table matters a lot as it is most presented specifications of the table. It would be better to colour the table with the help of a spray because brush can cause brush marks and lines on the surface, so colouring will improve the quality if done through a roller, spray or a curtain coating.

Colouring should be done in a neat and clean environment which prevents the dust to stick in the surface of the ping pong table and makes the surface to remain smooth.

FINALLY PAINTING THE TABLE: Chalkboard paint is the paint which could be used in colouring of a ping pong table. Chalkboard paint is the most durable paint on for the surface of a ping pong table which enhances the performance of the ball played on it. Colour of the chalkboard paint usually depends upon the entire theme of the ping pong table but in most of the cases the manufacturers paints, recommends and suggests to paint the ping pong table with green chalkboard table.

Basically while painting there are two coats of a colour in a ping pong table. Firstly a tape is applied on the coloured are and then the first coat is applied then it is leaved for the complete dryness and after drying the tape is removed and again a new layer of tape is pasted on the surface and after that the second coat is applied and again the tape is removed, this process brings more crisps to colour and gives it a more prominent look.


USAGE OF A PING PONG TABLE: Ping pong or a table tennis are one of the most uniqur and famous of the past time games and are still played by most of the friends, family and different gatherings in order to have some enjoyment and fun in their life. Has anyone thought that how a ping pong game would be more enrich with joy? It can be and in a very technological way which is that the manufacturers had started invented a new and modernized concept of ping pong game in which this concept was transformed or converted in to reality. The concept of that the ping pong table has a special and an irritating habit that it can only be played when there are more than one person. So then, what for the single person enjoyment? What if then if they don’t have a partner with them with whom the can have a joy of playing a ping pong.

For that instance, manufacturers introduced a best ping pong robot table. In this table one side of the table is equipped with a robot arm which can even play with a human at the same time. So, the single ones can also play a table tennis and they don’t even acquire a partner either. That was a very useful and advantageous invention for most of the people as well as it bring a new concept in the world of ping pong game.


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