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Why Do Parents Opt For CBSE Board Schools in India?

CBSE Board SchoolsNowadays, CBSE Board schools in India are the preferred choice among parents. Parents these days are aware of the fact that the education offered by this board is better. So, as against enrolling their kid in a state board schools, they decide to opt for CBSE.

It is true that the fee structure in the case of CBSE School is higher as compared to state-board schools. But, parents are not hesitant to pay. Their main focus is to provide the best education to their child.

Preparation for competitive examinations:

Some parents choose CBSE Board Schools in India to provide a strong educational foundation for their kid. On the other hand, some parents choose this board just with the hope that their child will be ready to face competitive exams in the future.

Irrespective of the hops, parents are able to get both these hopes come true.

Reasons for CBSE over State Board Schools:

Here are some of the reasons why parents should go for CBSE education to their child as against a state-board education:

  • In the case of the best CBSE Schools in India, the knowledge of teachers is very high as compared to teachers working for state board schools. It is true that there are dedicated teachers in state schools, but the percentage is meagre.
  • The standards for recruiting teachers in state board schools are far lesser as compared to CBSE schools.
  • Even in the case of English medium state board schools, teachers mostly converse in the local language. But, this does not happen in CBSE Schools as the teachers converse only in English. This, in turn, will improve both the listening and spoken English skills of children right from a very young age.
  • In the case of CBSE, the teachers frequently participate in workshops to improve their skills. But, this hardly happens in the case of state board schools.
  • Just because CBSE schools pay more for teachers as compared to state board schools, the teachers show utmost dedication in the former case as compared to the latter.
  • Some parents choose CBSE mainly because they have transferable jobs. This means that the kid can easily adapt to the studies wherever the family is shifted.
  • The competitive examinations like IIT and NEET are based on CBSE Syllabus as against state syllabus. This is why students from CBSE are gaining a better edge in these national level competitive tests as against students from other boards.
  • As CBSE allows children to write in their own style, their knowledge develops. But, in the case of state board schools, the students are forced to reproduce whatever they learn from the books on their answer sheets. This approach curbs the creativity in children.
  • Further, CBSE Schools in India provide better focus to extracurricular activities apart from education. But, this does not happen in other board schools.
  • The entire CBSE syllabus is designed with a view to improving the aptitude and comprehension of children.
  • The state board syllabus is generally focused to educate kids on the ideologies related to the state. This means that students cannot get a wider knowledge. But the syllabus framed by the Central Board of Secondary Education pays attention to the entire nation.

For these reasons and for many other reasons parents decide to choose a CBSE Board school for their child.

Foundation is important:

Some children are moved to CBSE after studying in a state board school up to 5th standard. This is a wrong approach. The reason is that the child will have the difficulty in managing subjects.

So, it is better for parents to choose a CBSE school for their child right from the foundation class. Yes, right from kindergarten, it is better to choose CBSE, rather than moving from an easy board to a tough board. CBSE will also offer special exposure to children.

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