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What is the period of irregular menstruation ?

irregular menstruation You may have heard of menstrual problems among women aged 14 to 50 years of age.Menstrual irregular period is of course one of them, girls are more prone to this health problem. Medically known as menstrual thin hair, irregular menstrual period as one can cause discomfort and embarrassment, most girls and women most common health problems. The normal cycle is often from 21 to 35 days, however, infrequent periods may occur at intervals of more than 35 days.

Often, menstrual bleeding continues from 2 to 7 days. But because of lack of menstruation, each year may experience less than six to seven times. This can easily be noticed when the time interval between this period of time and the duration of this period of time, and the abnormal blood loss during a period of time.

What causes irregular menstrual period?

Irregular periods may come from a number of reasons, including different health diseases, unhealthy lifestyles or medical conditions.

Health disease can be:

  1. Eating disorders lead to weight loss or weight gain
  2.  Anemia
  3. Thyroid dysfunction
  4. Hormone disorders
  5. Liver problems
  6. Allergic bowel syndrome
  7. Diabetes
  8. Delivery or abortion
  9. Uterine abnormalities

Unhealthy lifestyles are another major catalyst for menstrual irregularities because it can lead to smoking, stress, excessive exercise or alcohol abuse. Certain types of drugs and contraceptives are another factor that causes this problem. In addition, the 2005 European report shows that asthma and hay fever may be related to menorrhagia.

The menstrual cycle will become abnormal at the end of the menstrual period after the first few days of menstruation.

What are the symptoms of irregular menstruation?

Irregular menstruation can vary depending on everyone, however, there have been some common symptoms to help girls and women know that the problem actually happened.

※ abnormal bleeding time
※ blood clots
※ blood flow changes
※ occasional or too frequent period
※ missed period
※ pain cramps

Abnormal relief:

In order to get rid of this health problem, there are many effective natural ways that will not waste your costs, but the positive results go beyond your expectations. The following are the 14 family remedies during irregular menstruation and should be considered.


Ginger is regularly ranked in the list of top family remedies because it is extremely useful for regulating the menstrual cycle and reducing menstrual pain. In addition, it helps to increase menstruation and then deal with the delay period.

How to use:

  1. Grind a fresh ginger and cook for 7 minutes in a glass of water
  2. Mix with some sugar
  3. After meals and three times a day

Fennel seed:

Fennel seeds help you deal with irregular menstruation because they help regulate irregular menstruation. This seed also contains a necessary substance for increased menstruation. In addition, fennel seeds are filled with antispasmodic properties to help soothe cramps associated with menstruation.

How to use:

1. add two teaspoons of fennel seed to a glass of water.
2. Soak the night
3. Drink it the next morning
4. Carry out the same process in one month or even longer, until the menstrual period becomes normal

Aloe vera:

Another potential family therapy for unusual menstruation is aloe vera. This is because aloe vera can promote the production of hormones responsible for menstruation, thus helping girls and women to solve abnormal menstrual cycle.

How to use:

  1. take some aloe leaf, and then cut into two pieces
  2. the gel and a teaspoon of honey mixed
  3.  breakfast before use
  4.  do this process about 3 months to achieve positive results

Note: sometimes do not drink aloe vera gel.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Fruit and vegetable juice play such an important role during the promotion of menstruation.Carrot or grape juice is one of the best juices to help reduce the risk of irregular menstruation. You can also choose aloe vera juice to prevent your menstrual delay for a long time. In addition, during the two weeks before the start of this period, a cup of sugar cane juice may be very different.

Carrot juice:Carrot juice is known to contain abundant iron sources and is another effective remedy for menstrual irregularities. Fresh raw carrots can greatly improve the function of hormones.Take a cup of carrot juice every day for about three months and can help you get better.You can also mix it with other vegetable juice combination. In addition to carrot juice, you should include lettuce, sugar beet or pumpkin seeds in a regular diet to speed up the recovery process.


Because of its warming effect to help solve the hormonal imbalance and regulate the abnormal period of menstruation, curcumin has become one of the best home remedies during irregular menstruation. In addition, turmeric can relieve spasms due to anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic compounds. All you need to do is add a quarter of teaspoon of turmeric powder to some warm milk and eat it regularly until your menstrual condition is improved.

Sesame seeds and chocolate:

The combination of sesame seeds and chocolates is the best family remedy that you should not forget about irregular menstrual periods. In detail, sesame has been shown to be effective in regulating menstrual cycles because they help to balance hormones. In addition, sesame seeds are also filled with lignans and help to suppress excess hormones. Essential fatty acids promote hormone production. Similar to sesame, due to its warming effect, can adjust the abnormal menstrual cycle.

Immature papaya

Immature papaya is helpful in the treatment of menstrual irregularities caused by stress and menopause. It also helps to contract muscle fibres within the uterus. All you need to do is use immature papaya juice, or eat chopped papaya in a few months. Note: Do not use during your menstrual ripe papaya.


Daily use of grapes will protect you. In addition, you can choose to add the original grapes in the daily diet at an appropriate dose. Remember that excessive intake of grapes will cause the movement to loosen.


Mint and honey together as a treatment for irregular menstruation has a good treatment, help to reduce menstrual cramps.

How to apply

  1. dry powder peppermint and bee honey mixed
  2. Take the mixture three times a day for several weeks
  3. In accordance with this remedy to get better results


As found in the parsley seeds, it helps to promote menstruation.

How to use:

  1. Add a spoonful of parsley seed to two glasses of water, boil the solution until the water is reduced by half
  2. Use the mixture three times a day for several months

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C has made a great contribution to estrogen production to help build the endometrium. You’d better take a lot of vitamin C, to prevent you in 30 or 35 days did not happen this situation. Vitamin C easily found in oranges, apples, berries, tomatoes, it is strongly recommended that these fruits in your daily regular diet. Remember, the use of large amounts of vitamin C is not very useful for pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage.

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