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How to plan your week to be most productive?

, How to plan your week to be most productive?Tips for freelancers

If you are a freelancer or new business owner, you probably want to make the best out of your work hours and be the most productive in the things you do. In order to do this, you need two things: focus on your work and a very good plan. Planning your week is even more important than focus, because it gives you clear view on what you have to do and opportunity to decide how to do it to make best results. When you have so many tasks, you need to have strategy about how you spent your time. This will increase your productivity, help you start the week on the right foot and eliminate stress.  So, if you want to plan your most productive week, but don’t know how to do it, here are some tips:

  1. Do it on Sunday

Yes, we all know weekends are to relax, clear your head and spend time with your family. And the last thing you want in the weekends is thinking about work.  But the weekends can also help you plan your most productive week. This doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole weekend working. You just need to take some time on Sunday, to figure out what needs to be done next week and clear out your future plans.

But why Sunday?

The reason this is so important is that you don’t have the pressure of Monday mornings: meetings, deadlines or other work things. Sunday is calm and relaxed day, and you can do it drinking your afternoon coffee or before you go to bed. This will mentally prepare you for the next seven days, and will help you figure out what is most important and what you need to focus on.

  1. Look at the past week

Before you start planning your next week, take a quick look at the past one. What have you done? What haven’t you done? What still needs to be done? What isn’t important anymore? Add undone tasks to your new week plan if still need to do them. You can also create goals for the next week, based on the things you have done the past. Celebrate your success and plan even bigger. By doing this you can measure your achievements and move forward with your goals. If there were any problems, you can try to figure out how to solve them or what to do to avoid them.

  1. Learn to prioritize

After writing down all your tasks for the week, prioritize them. This will help you manage your time and work better.  This will happen with deadlines. If your tasks have deadlines, order them figuring out this criteria. If not, give them. But be very careful and always choose realistic deadlines. There is nothing more terrible then rushing to finish something. This will make you nervous and stressed, and you may make a mistake. By prioritizing, you will cut this and have calm week.  Determine the importance of your tasks, how long will they take to be done and how soon do you want them to be done.  Choose realistic and manageable deadlines. Don’t give something three days when you need a week to do it. It will make you troubles later.

  1. Do same tasks at once

When you write down all your tasks, you need to take a good look at them, and figure out which ones are the same. For example, If you have to edit photos for different projects, block off time in your schedule to do them all at once. This will keep your brain focused on the task and you will be able to do much more instead of jumping back and forward on different tasks and projects. So if you want to plan your most productive week and increase the quality of the work you do, learn to batch similar tasks.

  1. Schedule your days

Now, when you have figured out all your tasks for the week, it is time to schedule all work days. When you start doing this, you need to figure out your most and least productive days and the time you have every day for working. In your most productive days, schedule the most important and difficult tasks. By doing this you will have enough time for them without rushing.  Plan on doing most of the work in your most productive time and left the least important and fast tasks to the days that you are not so productive or don’t have enough time.

One of the most important things you need to do when you are a freelancer or a business owner is learning how to plan and prioritize your time. With weekly scheduling this will become easy, helpful and even fun. And the results will be huge for you and our business.

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