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The Profound Lyrics of Kevin Gates

Kevin GatesKevin Gates has made a name for himself for his honesty and the gritty reality of his lyrics. At just 31 years old, Gates has captured the hearts of a passionate fan base attracted by the way Gates dares to bare his soul in rap and song. Here are some of the most profound lyrics Gates has crafted so far.

“Don’t Know”

Don’t know nobody leaning harder, Phantom bought while out in Florida
Condo out in Georgia, my little daughter died in this water
Don’t know nobody who ain’t retarded
Know there’s a name, don’t know what to call it
Actavis flowing like a faucet, 40’s my precaution”

Gates presents his reality here in a song without sugar coating it in the least. There’s a whole lot of things Gates doesn’t know, but primarily it’s the other rappers who, “don’t know I’m right on their heels.”


“Strictly need my C-notes, can you keep up with my lingo
Some would say life is a gamble, which means love is a casino
Everybody just playin to win, think I made it again
Don’t many ladies pretend, hopin this ain’t what it is
Ain’t no wastin time, hustle every night
Promise everything is alright”

Love is the casino where life is paid out and played out. You can promise everything is alright, but the fact is that everyone is just playing to win. Gates knows about hustle and works hard to be on top.

“I Don’t Get Tired”

Full time father, full time artist
Asked God, he said “grind harder”
Learn from every time you ever fail
If it never fail just grind smarter
Iron sharpens, you the dagger
On they hindquarters and they all acting
Rap game, I’m a pallbearer
Kill me and get a call after
First look, it was all laughter
Kevin Gates, no small matter
Made men believe what they didn’t believe
Dive in the crowd, no safety harness
Got in the booth, no safety on it
Aim and I shoot for the stars
At the awards I ain’t win no awards
Only meaning one thing, don’t get tired, I go hard”

Lest you think Gates lucked into this success, here’s a song about the hustle and hard work it takes to be at his level. “Grind harder” could be the motto for Gates’ life. The catchy beat might
get this one stuck in your head and motivate you to “grind harder” yourself. In late 2015 Gates displayed his business savvy when he launched a line of IDGT energy drinks.

“Paper Chasers”

“I listen to the radio, we all fly, shawty say she all mine
Color all in the wrong lines, to the dope game I got strong ties
I’ve sold cocaine, this all the time
Favorite old song, entitled “White Lines”

This is a radio song, but one designed to connect with Gates’ core fan base. Gates’ keeps it real acknowledging the role drugs play in that world, while at the same time paying tribute to the artists who came before him.

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