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The Secret Comfort Of Sloggi Maxi Briefs

The majority of men like to wear briefs because they are by far more attractive than other types of undergarments. A brief cradles and highlights a manly physique, unlike some knickers which try to resent it. Take Sloggi basic maxi for instance; they designed are designed from the most exquisite fabrics not to mention their long-lasting qualities.

A man in briefs is hot and it is a quality that most women look for. They hug the top part of a man’s legs and don’t seem to gush over some ill-fitting trousers. Rather, they rest demurely at those soccer hips, just as it should be. In a way, they are provocative and sexy is exposed.

  • Why do some women wear men’s briefs?

That’s right; a few women know the secret of wearing briefs and you too should try if you have been considering briefs. This not about women putting on briefs at night when going to bed, but during the day when carrying on with daily routines.  However, the colorful designs look better on a woman than the typical white briefs.

Pregnant women like to wear Sloggi basic maxi because it favors the expanding belly as well as the lower back that sometimes increases during this period of time. After pregnancy, there is no reason not to continue wearing the same knickers and a woman may share these undies with her husband (if they happen to fit her).

  • More reasons to wear

Briefs cover the lower back cheeks elegantly, offering a nice fit without the annoying underwear lines. They are therefore great when worn with sports pants. You can spend time in them even when you are not going to the gym.  

The other advantage of Sloggi maxi briefs is that they are thick and so warmer than most types of underwear. You can have them during winter to increase your comfort. Think about the warmth and coziness you feel when relaxing on your couch after work during a cold evening.

  • Who should not wear  briefs

The briefs are not meant for everyone. If you are more of g-string or thong person, do not try this underwear. You may not put on the briefs with just any pair of pants but you can have them under any dress or skirt. There are sexier designs by Sloggi specifically designed for women who like rocking in these undergarments. You don’t need to worry about what people would think if they discover a lady wearing underwear that is traditionally meant for men. All you should care about is the comfort and as long as they are clean, nothing else should matter.

  • The briefs have trended for a long time

For a long time, briefs have been trending and even though there were rumors that they compromise the reproductive system of a man, they are still one of the most wanted undergarments for men. Men have different tastes and that is why they are designed in different styles. For example, the pouch style and the low cut are some of the most popular options.

  • Exceptional fabrics

Briefs are some of the oldest and most fundamental underwear for men. They are made of high-quality materials such as cotton and its blends. These fabrics provide a luxurious feel, not forgetting that they can wick moisture away, dry quickly, last longer, and give warmth. It is important that you pick the most appropriate material for your briefs to protect your manhood. Some studies have shown that these undergarments contribute to male fertility by causing an increase in sperm count.  

What is your best choice of underwear? Choose Sloggi men’s briefs if you want impeccable quality, support, and comfort.


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