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Struggles Of Staying Healthy While Working An Office Job

Staying Healthy While Working An Office JobHealth is wealth. We have all heard this since our childhood. The key to staying healthy is regular exercise and a good diet. The problem is, most of the jobs today are desk-bound and time-consuming. When you sit at the same place without moving much for a long time, it takes a significant toll on your health. And with office taking up at least 8 hours of your day, there is little time left for exercise. You need to squeeze in some physical activity whenever possible. Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy while working an office job.

Walking Or Cycling To Your Work Place

Unless you stay right next to your place of work, you most probably spend at least half an hour of traveling to and back from work. And sitting in the car surely is not helping you to stay fit. But if you opt to cycle or walk to work instead, you are tackling two issues at the same time. You get to work and you get some much-needed exercise. Moreover, walking and cycling are considered as excellent forms of daily exercise. And both of these don’t need any extra equipment. A good pair of shoes for walking and a good cycle – that is all. You will easily get more than half an hour of cardio each day and that is the recommended amount of exercise to stay in shape.

Tuning Up Your Diet

Staying in a good shape is not just about exercise. It is also about your diet. Losing weight or even maintaining your weight cannot be done by just focusing on exercise. Since a desk job limits the chances you get for exercise, what you eat gains that much more importance. The multiple cups of coffee that keep you going through the day is not very good for your health. Cut back on caffeine, sugar, and fat. You can also opt for healthier options for lunch and dinner. Preparing lunch and dinner on weekdays, when you are already pressed for time is a tedious task. But you can cook during weekends and freeze the meals for a week. You can prep the vegetables and meat during the weekend when you do have some time. Opt for salads and light sandwiches for lunch without heavy dressing. Keep track of the calories you consume and this will definitely ensure that you stay healthy and fit.

Use Your Workplace Wellness Program

Your well being is a concern for your employer as well. Unhealthy employees lead to less productivity, more leaves due to health issues and higher insurance payouts. This is why many offices offer workplace wellness programs. These programs can be anything from an on-site fitness center to a massage therapy for the employees. Make use of these services as they will truly improve the quality of your life. Sitting in a chair all day can lead to a lot of stress for your spine and also affect the blood circulation throughout your body. A massage can relieve stress from your body and make you feel completely rejuvenated. A workout at the on-site fitness center will leave you refreshed to carry on with your job with more energy.

Be Active Over The Weekends And Spend Time Outdoors

As work keeps you busy on weekdays, weekends are your chance to spend some quality time outdoors. Working out in the gym definitely has its benefits, but spending some quality time in nature will take away the stress from the long hours spend in the office. You can go hiking, trekking, or have a family camping trip during the weekend, bond with your loved ones and get some exercise at the same time. Staying healthy is not just about your physical well being, but it also concerns your emotional stability. And a weekend spent in nature will do good for both. Follow the above tips and you will definitely see the results much sooner than you might expect.

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