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What Are The Telltale Signs Of Depression?

depressionSome mental illness, like depression, have a way overwhelming a person. Sometimes, in Los Angeles, or over the internet, we joke about depression as though it is a natural part of our day to day lives. Making light of a serious illness can have repercussions for people suffering with depression who do not know how to reach out for help.

The reasons behind your depression might be social, shame, or anxiety, but the end result is the same. There are various medicines available as well as prescribed to fight depression but the matter of fact is that depression can indeed be fought off without medicines. Yes! One can improve depression and anxiety without meds by seeking proper and professional help. But what exactly is depression and how do you recognize it? Below we have discussed a few major symptoms of depression.


Things in your life may have begin to seem vague and bleek. Many psychologists describe this feeling as falling into a bottomless pit because there doesn’t seem to be an end. It affects you in a way that you start seeing everything in your life differently. You will begin to lack motivation as everything you do or aim for is a hopeless attempt in your eyes.

This feeling is often accompanied by the feeling of worthlessness, or guilt, self-hate, and helplessness. This is by far the most common and among the earlier symptoms of depression. People often try to improve depression and anxiety without meds but it usually requires a strong will power.

Lack of Interest In Anything

You may begin to lose interest in the activities you used to love. Nothing in life seems to be encouraging enough to do something worth doing. Depression essentially takes out all the enjoyment and pleasure out of the equation in your life. Sometimes we get mood swings, and for several days or a week we do lose interest in activities; however, if this persists, then it can become a serious matter. Lack of motivation leads to unemployment, loneliness, and alienation.

These activities may include playing a sport, watching a movie, socializing with people, taking a ride, going for a road trip, shopping, hanging out with friends, or even eating. People have also reported to lose interest in love making. This also disrupts one’s love life as sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship.

Lack of Sleep

Insomnia – the inability to sleep –  is a very prominent sign of depression. Studies show that insomnia accelerates the depression and makes it even worse. This also leads irritability and an increase in anxiety in people already suffering from depression. Lack of proper sleep also leads to the state of constant fatigue and restlessness. You simply do not possess the energy to do stuff. You feel drained all the time and do not have the urge to make things happen. The lack of energy will make you more and more inclined towards falling deeper into depression.

Increased Anxiety

Depression may not be directly related to anxiety, however, depression can definitely lead to anxiety. Depression can lead to nervousness, restlessness, and may make you feel intense all the time. These are also the precursors of anxiety. Other shared symptoms of depression and anxiety include panic, dread, the feeling of being in danger, rapid heartbeat, heavy sweating, rapid muscle twitching, lack of focus, etc. Studies have also shown that although depression and anxiety are not related directly, they are definitely correlated as they share a lot of symptoms as mentioned above.

Constant Irritation

It is important know that men and women both are equally affected by depression. However, the sexes are affected in different ways. Men, especially, are prone to become excessively irate. The irritability is beyond measure and causes a lot of disturbances at times. Studies conducted over the years show that men are more susceptible to aggressive behavior when hit by depression. They show signs of irritability, risky behavior, impulsiveness, and escapism.

We hope you liked the article and learned something new. The important thing to learn here is that it not difficult to combat depression. It is possible to improve depression and anxiety without Meds and that is by approaching someone for help.

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