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5 Things To Know When You Are New To Dating

, 5 Things To Know When You Are New To Dating

Dating has changed hugely in the past decade or so, in part due to the online world, but also in part due to the changes which have happened in society, leading to it becoming more open about sexuality and gender, among other things. This means that people who are not used to the way the dating game is played might have some problems when it comes to proper behaviours. Not knowing what to do and how to act can seriously hurt your chances when dating, so read on for some ideas of what you should know.

  1. The Person who Asks, is the Person who Pays

Most people still subscribe to the idea that men are the ones who should ask women out on dates, and also pay for the date itself. However, there is a growing trend outside of this group which now thinks that whoever asks somebody out on a date should be the one who pays for it. Rather than adhering to strict rules, this allows people more freedom in what they want to do, and when they ask to go out, since either party can freely ask the other out on a date without fear of judgement.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy, even if you think it might hurt the other person. Life’s too short to spend it on dates which you know aren’t going to go anywhere, so rather than stringing people along and hoping they eventually take the hint, just tell them that you don’t think it’s working out, and move on to somebody else. Don’t be rude or disparaging – it’s not their fault that you aren’t feeling it.

  1. Check that you are Keeping Proper Standards for the Medium

The digital world has given rise to online dating, which has become particularly huge in recent years. But just like every other form of communication, there are rules and social standards that need to be learned if you are going to use online dating effectively. Online dating was at first just an extension of offline dating, and offline dating is still usually the end goal of many couples, but some people end up talking online for months, and moving onto different parts of the internet (such as Second Life) to continue there.

  1. Use your Best Medium

Speaking of many people using online dating, it is important to figure out who and what you want from dating. If you simply want short-term things, then check out the best hook up sites for an adult, to see who there is out there, and how to get in touch with them. If you want to meet people offline, then pick up a few hobbies, and use them to meet people, or join a bookclub in your spare time.

  1. The First one Won’t be the One

You will likely have to go through quite a few dates before you find the person for you. Not all the dates will be awful, and you might make some friends along the way, but you will have to wait a little while to find the person who is meant for you.

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