ABSTRACT: This article is written in order to inform peoples about the most suitable ear buds to them specially for those who are having small ears. It would be helpful for them so that they could get the complete information about those brands and all the information about them so they can easily find them and can buy them as well as.

INTRODUCTION: Ear bud is that equipment which people use it in their ears for better media sound quality or voice cancellation. Firstly, there were ear phones or also known as hands free which are now transformed in to ear buds as the technology changes after every particular period of time. So, the ear buds are available in different varieties and they are manufactured according to the ear sizes of different peoples, in past, there were only one type of ear buds available which were of free size or average size, which was like lot of misery for the peoples who have small ears. So, for them these ear buds were introduces having a short size among others and fits best as well as provides them the best quality or in other words it could be said that it satisfies them well.

Above was the brief introduction about the ear buds for the people having small ears so now let us discuss about the brands which offers the ear buds of small sizes and those are:

BOSE SOUND SPORT: With respect to sound quality Bose is one of the most popular companies which provides the best sound quality to its customers. Bose also offers the ear buds of all sizes those are small, medium and large so every individual can get satisfied at their own. Bose has designed these ear buds with the most comfort and in the way that they can retain their position when placed to an ear. Ear buds of Bose are very durable and are sweat resistant so they could not get effected especially at the time of jogging and other exercises. According to the world wide technological market Bose is the best provider of the earbuds for small ears.

SENNHEISER CX 300-II: Ear buds of this brand are also considered as one of the most suitable and comfortable ear buds for small ears. The most unique feature of this ear buds is that they are equipped with noise cancelling feature which means that while in use of this ear buds they will help you reduce the external sound as much as possible. These are also available in all three sizes and for this brans it is also guaranteed that they will not fall out from your ears.

RHA MA750i PREMIUM: This small ears ear bud is a premium noise isolating ear bud and is has also a lot of features but instead of it, this brand is famous for two of its main frames and those are they are most comfortable and very durable, so the people looking for this two factors should go for this piece. The body is manufactured with stainless steel and id well balanced in sound in both of the buds it is available in affordable price.

JVC HAFX32B MARSHMALLOWS: JVC is one of the most respected company in providing the best sound quality in a wide variety of sound devices either they are bars, stands or ear buds. JVC also offers ear buds of small sizes for its customers. The main features of this ear buds is that they are well balanced in sound, there no sound leakage even if you are listening at high volumes, great audio quality and good presentation with respect to design, shape, size and many more other factors. Beside of all this feature, you have an advantage of purchasing this JVC ear buds which is that they are available at a very reasonable price for small ears.

SYMPHONIZED NRG 3.0: This ear buds are designed or manufactured with the technology that they can be paired or connected with every type of operating systems for example Mac, Android, Microsoft any other various operating systems. It is crafted from real woods and reflects a very good and unique design among other brands.

The ear buds discussed above were all the small size ear buds and you might have noticed that in any detail it was not determined that where they are easily available. It is not a headache for any buyer because all of these ear buds of the above brands are available at Amazon.com, so the buyers can order them online when ever they want and which one of them suits to their ears best.

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