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Top 5 iOS Apps Part 3

, Top 5 iOS Apps Part 3Given the fact that App Store of Apple has millions of applications within the same category, it becomes impossible to search for the best out of those. Although developers are coming out with new ideas, users still look forward to the established applications. The exciting fact about other non-browsed applications is that many of them are helpful in several ways and have features that are absent in leading apps that possess five stars and have a significant following. The following applications are top five iOS apps belonging to different categories:

  1. Flowstate

With mobile devices becoming productivity tools, Flowstate provides an opportunity for those who do not wish to have any distraction. The brutally focused application helps the individual to continue writing without a break. It erases the entire content of the user if there is a pause for more than five seconds. The application also provides the chance to set the timer and then begin the session. It will enable the individual to focus on typing and complete the work before the app deletes the written content.

  1. Layton’s Mystery Journey

If you love puzzle games, then Layton’s Mystery Journey is a must on your iOS device. Packed with over 12 cases, the journey packs with questions that test the ability of your thinking and adaptability according to the circumstances. The off-line cases are simple and work fine while the online daily puzzles will set you into the test mode.

  1. Patronus

The mobile application platform is a security app that helps in sharing the location of an individual with advanced feature of sending dispatchers to locate an individual based on the phone’s GPS sensor. Other functionality includes sharing the location and destination with contacts so that they can use the map to screen the progress. The standout feature is the 911 characteristic that forwards the place to the dispatchers to the exact location rather than relying on cell towers. Additionally, the application sends notification automatically to the trusted contacts in case of an emergency call.

  1. Astropad

The Astropad application turns your iPad or iPhone into a graphics tablet, which you can use it with a Mac. The natural drawing experience is the exciting feature added into the application. It works with any of the Mac out from the box. Additionally, it also supports several pressure sensitive stylus brands, making it easy for a user to opt for the best according to the requirement and ease of use.

  1. GarageBand

GarageBand is the most downloaded music composition app from the App Store. It is free to use, has all the features, real-time synthesizers, recording features, and so on. It is a mini studio which works excellent with a beginner as well as a professional. Beginners can experiment with the available tools and enhance their skills, while professionals have the opportunity to come up with new tunes at any time and anywhere. This platform is available on iMac, Mac and iPhone with same features and now you can get Garageband for Windows too and enjoy it on your PC. What makes it unique is the updates it receives consistently while the user does not have to pay a dime to utilize the same.

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