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What are the benefits of papaya?

papayaPapaya is heated, the carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E will be no small loss, acid content will be greatly reduced, papain will be denatured at high temperatures. In order to keep the papaya in a variety of nutrients, it is recommended to eat papaya when the ingot Cui Duan Chao Chao dog bile election preferred raw, if you want to dumplings dessert, the best papaya finally put, and the heating time should not be too long to avoid causing nutrients Mass loss.

Tip: Papaya cold sweet, although helpful digestion, refreshing thirst, but the stomach cold, physically weak are easy to eat diarrhea, remember enough is enough. Elderly people eat plenty of food to help digestion, but one can not eat too much. In addition, papaya is excited about the role of uterine smooth muscle, pregnant women should not eat. It is accurate to say no. Check out other Health Benefits of Papaya.

Some Other Benefits of Eating Papaya

1. To prevent colds

Papaya taste sweet and juicy, and contains a variety of nutrients, including vitamins A, B, B1, B2, C and protein, iron, calcium, papaya enzymes, organic acids and high fiber. Which vitamin A and vitamin C content is particularly high, five times the watermelon and bananas. Among them, vitamin C can prevent colds.

2. Spleen and Digestion

Papaya in the papain, can be broken down into fatty acids. Now a days,  Modern medicine found that papaya contains an enzyme that can digest the protein.

Well, it is conducive to the body of food digestion and absorption. it is spleen and digestion effect.

3. To improve disease resistance

Papaya contains a lot of water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and a variety of essential amino acids, can effectively replenish the body’s nutrients, enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

4. Lose weight

In fact, eat more papaya in daily life can also play a very good weight loss effect, which is due to the papaya contains a lot of papaya enzyme. Especially the green papaya, which contains papaya enzyme is about twice the maturity of papaya, and these papaya enzymes is why papaya can lose weight. In the study found that these papaya enzymes can not only break down the protein, sugar, but also can effectively break down fat, through the decomposition of fat can remove fat, reduce mast cells.

5. Beauty

Papaya contains papaya enzyme not only has a very good breast effect, but also can play the same effect of the cosmetic effect, after research found that in general eat papaya can help lubricate the skin. But also in the papaya also contains a lot of vitamin C, its content is even higher than the apple 48 times. Coupled with papaya enzyme digestion ability, the amount of edible papaya will be able to remove the body of toxins as soon as possible, from the inside to the outside fresh skin.

6. Through milk anti-cancer

Papaya in the milk of the milk through the role of papaya alkali has anti-lymphoid leukemia, efficacy, can help through milk and treatment of lymphoid leukemia.

7. Anti-convulsions

Papaya flesh contains papaya alkali to relieve the role of spasm pain, gastrocnemius spasm has a significant therapeutic effect.

8. Anti-insecticide

Papaya and papain with anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis and parasites such as tapeworm, roundworm, whipworm, amoeba protozoa and so on, it can be used for insecticide anti-tuberculosis.

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