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Zlatan Legends Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Become a True Legend

After two years of its development, Zlatan Legends, the official game by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and ISIBT Games, have already launched on the Apple’s App Store in the second week of August 2017 and is expected to be out soon on Google Play Store any time, but the exact Zlatan Legends release date has not been mentioned.

Just like Ibrahimovic, the game is action packed and face paced that allow the gamers to get some next level gaming experience and a brilliant way to kill their boredom. So if you want to be a true legend, just like others, you need to get Zlatan Legends apk and get started. Below, we are going to share some Zlatan Legends cheats, Zlatan Legends hacks and Zlatan Legends tips and guide, exclusively for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Zlatan Legend Video Game

Zlatan legend video game requires your quick thinking, puzzle mechanics and grinding. So, in order to master the game, first, you need to understand its gameplay. So here’s what this game revolves around.


There are a number of universes in the multiverse and in each universe, there is a different version of you. But “There exists a man who has become a true LEGEND in every universe”.

In this game, you are a legend and you have to destroy the barriers coming your way with your driftball that you have to throw in the direction towards the barriers with full strength, in order to destroy them. The “Yellow Walls” will bounce back your driftball but the “Blue walls” crush the ball and will make you disoriented so you need to avoid those blue ones at any cost. You have your power to teleport to any chamber in order to drift the driftball in any direction.

So, all you need is to avoid those blue walls and to perform the strong 3D drifts in order to live up to the image of Zlatan Legend!

Points VS. Good Time:

In order to win the game, your points and time matter a lot. You have to get a ton of points while getting in a good time. You need to be fast indeed to get the maximum number of points. Moreover, you also need to collect as many coins as you have in your way and hit full power shots to get the max points.

Zlatan League of Legends:

You also need to play in the leagues that increase your bonuses and rewards along with the tons of goodies. Playing with the leagues is easy to do. Use your full power and strength in the league matches and this will help you in the long run.

Complete the daily Missions:

In order to keep your interest, you will get loads of daily missions to complete by simply playing the game often, but there are often different requirements for each mission. The missions will get tough after you advance in your levels.

Train your Skills:

You need to train your skills and powers in order to become a true legend. You will get a trainer in the start of the game and that trainer will help you to train your skills. You can level up your trainers with the shards and she will train you according to her level.

Replay the Same Arena over and over Again:

If you want to master your game and to practice your skills, you can replay in the same arena more than once. Pay attention to the recommended kick strength and learn the tactics of the game by playing the same level and aim for the top time. After you become a professional player, you can proceed to the next arena.

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